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August 31 2005

Serenity website relaunched. Warning, it's a massive update from Universal!

If anybody doubted Universal's faith in Serenity... Heh.
Just one word: shiny!
Guess what? If you take the stupid little easy-as-pie quiz, it asks you what Zoe's last name is. Correct answer: Warren. Bizarre to see that in a semi-official capacity, especially when considering that Wash's last name is now officially NOT Warren.
My god... This is so sweet! Awesome site! I just got stuck playing that horseshoe game in the airlock. And does anyone know what's up with the control panel in the engine room. I just kept pressing those numbers atleast nine times in a row and nothing ever happend. Then I screwed up and it reset...
bobtaylor - Warren is in the script as Zoe's last name. As are two other names.
gossi -- I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the info. I just know that there was a lot of debate about it here.
Well, I say that but I haven't checked as my script book is still in London (Mr Whedon wrote me a message in it. I'm such a fan boy). I remember reading it and knowing there would be confusion about Zoe's name, anyway, as it gives multiple names.
Damn that is awesome, they've put some serious effort in there. Good stuff.
Why does Zoe have to have her husband's last name? Just because Warren isn't Wash's last name doesn't mean it's not Zoe's.
Absolutely beautiful.
The trivia game was so easy :-)
And that horseshoes is addicting.
Bravo universal!
Certainly true, electricspacegirl, but it amuses me that it used to be assumed that Warren was Wash's last name, turns out that's incorrect, but now it's his wife's official last name. Ironic...or confusing...or something.
electricspacegirl: it's not that, she has another surname in the script. Speculation: she may have been married before.
The cookbook was a great touch! Now we know how to make Mudder's Milk!
But in a recent interview Gina gave her name as Zoe Washbourne!
I think Zoe's last name is a much simpler deal, she had no intensions changing her name just cause she got married. I just can't see Zoe giving in to something like that.

In the script her name IS given as Washburn. There's multiple names. I'm not entirely sure it makes sense: it either means she's been married before, or it's jossism (anybody remember the Buffy episode which gives Angel two differing ages?)
Wasn't it Buffy that had two different birthdays on two different computer screens less than 5 seconds apart in the episode "I Robot... You Jane", which by the way is an episode that we should not talk about...

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"I Robot... You Jane". I'd forgotten about that.

Back to the argh.
That's a cool site, seems that Universal are realizing this movie could be very big.

I like how this site is top of the "Links" list, as it should be.

And yay, "buy tickets", the movies nearly here (even though us British peoples have to wait an extra week), it's nearly here!
Wow. I am impressed. Kudos to the site designers.

Oh yeah. Check the links page ;).
Yeah, multiple birthdays for Buffy is a sign of a continuity person not paying attention.
But they sure put a lot of attention into this new Serenity site. Like WOW!
I'm just working on a relaunch of the UK Cant Stop The Signal site, and then Universal launch this... It's a LITTLE bit better than my effort! ;)
Pretty obviously that US site has been being worked on for a long, long time. Those saying Universal haven't had a marketing stategy for Serenity are really very wrong - they do, they just plan things closer to release I'd suggest.
Man, I cannot stop messing up the keypad in the engine room. There had better be something at the end of it, should I ever not screw up. Heh.
I like the screensaver. Inara's candles flicker!
Whedonesque is at the top of the links list! That's so shiny. THis is a gorgeous site. I'll be there for hours.
Check out all the new pictures, the new wallpapers, and the screensaver. Shiny.
I thought Wash's full name was Hoban Washburn, but the screensaver gives it as Jerry Lee Warren. What gives?
Damn addictive horseshoe game :) There's just some much to do/look at. Right, time to crack Kaylee's keypad (or at least try to).
Jerry Lee Warren is wrong, I'm pretty sure... I seem to recall it comes from somebody mishearing Wash saying KAY-LEE! (Jerry Lee!) in Serenity (the episode) and adding it to IMDB. I think.

To add to the confusion... Yes, the script gives another full name for Wash, too.
Well, it's a good thing I'm getting a cable connection next month when I'm finished moving. Even with my pretty fast computer, it doesn't work a bit with my phone connection. Will be slipping over to the bf's computer in a few to jump on in.

As for Zoe's (original) last name, it's Alleyne in the novelisation. Which, I might add, I'm enjoying quite a bit. I know people bash novelisations, but c'mon y'all, the writer has restrictions and they need to write at a level that makes the book more accessible to younger readers. Younger readers soak up loads more novelisations than older readers, so don't be hard on krad. He's done a great job with tone and voice and characterisation.

Off to the puter with a cable connection! :)
Very cool. Can we get all that on DVD? :-))
very fun. I just wasted way too much time playing around with it... :-)
The horsehoe game was pretty addictive. I got two ringers in one round, but mal still beat me a couple rounds later. and I can't for the life of me figure out the keypad.
Nice that Universal has put so much effort into the site!
This site is fantastic, but I have a question: is anyone else concerned that the expected huge leap in gas prices in the US as a result of Katrina will hurt the BDM's box office? I just heard gas was over $5/gallon in Atlanta now, and the price is expected to spread elsewhere and rise as early as tomorrow.
Bloody hell, has anyone done the keypad yet? After 12 numbers I fired up notepad and started to cheat. I'm currently at 22 and still no joy....
Had a couple of goes at the horseshoe game and score 5724 on my 2nd. Will have another go once I've done/failed the keypad.

ETA: Arrgghhh, failed on 24 :(

[ edited by Paul_Rocks on 2005-09-01 01:11 ]
jaynelovesvera - it's the beginning of September, you have 30 days to fix gas prices. If a natural disaster manages to scupper Serenity, I may have to ritually sacarfice a few priests along with Fox.
Wow, fantastic site. Will have to find time to explore it more.
Noticed the music on the main page. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I think this is not the music I remember from the sneak preview version I saw. Exciting to get some more flavor of the finished product :)...
The key pad game is easy, do nothing and watch the order of the lit numbers, then duplicate it. You'll get a message saying 'all correct' or something if you get it right.
My favorite game is the concentration game in Inara's shuttle, I have only won at the 'easy' level, I've been too slow for the medium (but it is still fun!).
I adore this site, I'll be there all the time!
That page is all kinds of awesome. I cannot wait for the end of September!

My only complaint so far would be the picture of Kaylee on the main page. Jewel Staite is adorable, and deserves a better picture!

A few things that seem a mite bit spoilery, too, but haven't come across anything major.
jaynelovesvera: Color me concerned. I knew I should have filled up last night when gas was $2.69 a gallon. This evening I grudgingly filled my tank at $3.05 a gallon. Local authorities are suggesting that before the end of the week gas will hit $4 a gallon. And, mind you, I live in upstate New York. In my travels today I heard more than a few people mention that they won't go anywhere that's not absolutely necessary if prices keep rising like this. And as necessary as our BDM is to us, I'm not so sure it'll rank up there with work and school for the general populus.
bobtaylor: When you said that Wash's name wasn't Warren I flashed to Empire Records and the "I thought his name was Warren" scene. :P

The site is amazing! Now Universal just has to get non-fans to go to it.
The key pad game is easy, do nothing and watch the order of the lit numbers, then duplicate it. You'll get a message saying 'all correct' or something if you get it right.

Yes, but then you get another set of numbers, this time 1 more than the last. This continues until at least 24 consecutive numbers which is where I failed.
Just wanted to add I tried the horseshoe game again, damn addictive little thing. Got 8245 this time.
Also liked the concentration game, but once you've done it on hard there's less reason to try again.

This talk of gas prices in the US is always a shock to me as petrol is so much more expensive over here.
From the AA Fuel Price Report:
On Sunday July 10th, the UK average price of Unleaded fuel passed the 4 a gallon barrier for the first time ever. Average prices for all regions are now over 4 a gallon.

I did see something spoilery on the site. Mind you, I haven't seen the movie, but from the site it seems pretty clear that . That seems like kind of a big one to me, and I wish I didn't know this. It certainly hasn't been revealed in the trailers.
Book has recipes! Neat. I like Inara's memory game. I'm still checking out all the stuff. It's lovely.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-09-01 04:13 ]
Ronald_SF: I was thinking the same thing about the music. I'm pretty certain a final score wasn't attached to the two screenings I saw -- if this is the real deal, I think it's so on the money. It gives me that highly emotional weepy-panicky-patriotic-anxious-puffed-up-proud feeling that comes over me when I watch heroic acts amidst tragedy, or when I see my team come from behind to win, despite horrible injuries to half the players, or that freeze-frame moment that often comes at holiday time, when I realize that right at this very minute, in this very room, amidst chaos and laughter, I'm surrounded by all the crazy people I love.

Take your pick from the above, or load them all on to your tray... but methinks that's quite the fitting musical buffet for our Big Damn Heroes to do some big damn heroing to.
MissKittysMom: I've seen the BDM and read your inviso-text. Don't worry... you have not been spoiled.
Smidgen, that's good to know. Thank you!
I know what you mean, Paul_Rocks.

$3.05 US a gallon is a bargain at 80 cents CDN a litre. We pay over a $1 a litre (3.78 litres per US gallon, which is smaller than the Imperial gaollon). (I know, you Europeans pay double that, I believe. 4 UKP a gallon is about $8.50 CDN, or almost $2 a litre.)

The entire Rest of the World pays natural catastrophe level prices for gasoline as a matter of course.

But no matter how high the price goes (it's been proven; each hike changes the acceptability threshold), every motorist will keep paying -- except me who lives downtown Toronto. I don't even use a tank a month.

On topic: wicked site! I haven't even delved into it yet. I like the dangling links, which just reminded me of Jayne's drug-induced collapse after trying to grab the twinkling lights in the cockpit. HI-larious!
The new site is nothing short of orgasmic. Thank you, Universal!
awesome awesome... they have a Cookbook or Cook Book cause he can cook, get it? so, okay im lame :)
It is shiny, if hokey in spots. ;)

However, I hope that music ain't from the soundtrack. If so, I'll try not to think of Greg E. while I watch the movie...

I'm bummed that I can't buy tickets yet, and I have to have an AOL account (there) to get a reminder. Oh, just let it be the 30th already.

A- for the site.
I'm bummed that I can't buy tickets yet, and I have to have an AOL account (there) to get a reminder. Oh, just let it be the 30th already.

Other ticket websites also have reminder functions. I know Fandango does, for example.
Thanks, onetrue. I'm already signed up at Fandango, I'm just not sure who will pop first (and if a service doesn't sell tickets, they probably won't pop at all).
Yeah, I'm quite impressed in how cool they have made the website and love all the little games. However MissKittysMom is right that it does have some spoilers in the dialogue. So if you are worried about spoilers, turn the volume off right away and you should be okay.
Paul_Rocks, granted the US price has been ridiculously low compared to there. However, that's irrelevant to the potential effect of an historically huge increase in this society, which has multitudes of people commuting 40+ miles each way to work alone in vehicles designed to get the worst mileage possible, who won't receive a corresponding wage increase to offset said increase. Most Americans spend their whole damn check, have considerable debt, and if they ever gave it any thought would pride themselves on their conspicuous consumption. If gas prices rise high enough, and stay there long enough, something will have to give. Hopefully, it won't happen pre-BDM.
Where are the links? I can't seem to find them.
On the bar at the bottom on the right hand side. In white writing, just click where it says links and a popup appears with our mighty site at the top :)
I can't wait until they open up the "make your own wallpaper" feature. I want a Simon and River wallpaper. Or a Mal/Inara wallpaper. Can I make naked wallpaper? ;)

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-09-01 15:52 ]
If you can I'm sure you won't be the only person doing so esg ;)
This is very nice, and will hopefully encourage more Internet users to check the film out.

Is it just me, or does the main page of the flash version of the site, with pictures of all nine castmembers and Serenity in the centre, look like it would make an awesome alternative poster?

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