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August 31 2005

"I'd do a love scene with Puppet Angel"- Julie Benz tells all. Very cool interview over at MillarWorld magazine.

Good title, Simon!
Yeah, that one caught my attention! I really love Darla, but then again, I'm a sucker for characters who find redemption :)
Heh heh:When you puffed, you puffed,” she says, referring to her dusty death as a vampire. “That’s the technical term for it, you know. Puffing.”

But I don't know why they referred to Darla as demented. I never thought of her as crazy--did I miss something or do they have her confused with Drusilla?
My name is Puppet Angel.
Her husband is the voice of the Cryptkeeper? Interesting....
Darla was dark, but I wouldn't classify her as demented.

But god, I loved the way they portrayed her on Angel. Great, great character.
Great interview!!
Article could use a bit more research (they say Darla died twice, once as human and once as a vampire) but otherwise nice!
It says twice more, not twice so I reckon they got it right. (Though granted it doesn't seem to say what it's more than but I think that's an oversight rather than a mistake)
Julie Benz on screen has a 40s film star vibe, I think she's a great actress. And that line of hers "God doesn't want you. But I still do" still sends shivers down my spine.
Hey, she was the first one to show us, in the opening scene of the Buffy Pilot, that the one who seemed like the victim was actually the hunter (OK, huntress)and that things on this show would not be as we expected them to be. In that first scene she defined what the show was all about. Plus, the vampire with a gun ... gotta love that.

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When Wolfram and Hart brought Darla back, she was kinda crazy there for a while... maybe that's where they got the "demented" idea? Also, a lot of people use the term "demented" to mean "evil". At least, it seems that way when reading synopses of soap operas...
I loved Darla when she was on Angel. Especially when she was human, and again when she redeemed herself. Her self-sacrifice scene was epic. And so, so beautiful.

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Oh my god, that's the funniest link title I've ever seen on Whedonesque. Love scene! Puppet Angel! Damn.
That certainly would have been something to see.

I think the whole Angel, Spike, Darla and Drusilla gang was fascinating. You have four very different, very interesting characters who all have very different relationships. On top of that you've got Angel and Spike who have souls (and Spike who could be nice even without one) and Darla who also went through various stages of humanity and vampirism. I think they make a really interesting group and I'd love to see a film focusing on them back in the good old days, perhaps delving further into their relationships and how the gang split up.
Julie Benz is a stunning woman. Arrr...

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