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September 01 2005

Joss pays tribute to Sam Loeb. Sam Loeb wrote a short story in "Tales of the Vampires". Sam died after a 3 year battle with cancer. It was revealed in this weeks Wizard Magazine by Jeph Loeb (Sam's father) that Sam was to be the writer for Superman/Batman #26, and had finished the plot and some of the dialogue. Jeph Loeb and others are going to pen the comic in Sam's memory.

The list of others:

Joss Whedon
Geoff Johns
Allan Heinberg
Jim Lee
Michael Turner
Rob Liefeld
Tim Sale
Pat Lee
Ed McGuinness
Ian Churchill
Joyce Chin
Arthur Adams

via big_E24 on IGN's comic BB.

Hope I did this right, wasn't sure what to put for the first link.

No that's fine. I was trying to figure out how to do a direct link to big_E24's specific post but gave up. That's a really nice thing that those comic book guys are doing. I enjoyed Sam's story in Tales of the Vampire, he had talent and would have gone far in the comic book world.
That's really, really lovely. I found that news so sad when I heard. I had actually loved the piece he had done for "Tales of the Vampires" and was looking forward to more work from him. A loss not only for his family but for the rest of us. Thanks for posting that!
I'm trying to think of something eloquent to say, but really, I was just truly affected by Sam's death and think this is a really nice gesture. I hope it can provide a measure of closure for Jeph and those that knew Sam.
This is truly sad, and it's inspiring that these people are going to finish the comic in his memory.
That's a wonderful tribute! What a great idea. I'm glad that Joss is involved in this.
Wow, that is a mighty list of comic book creators, and deservedly so for this project.

When i first heard the news of Sam's death i had a feeling that Jeph would choose to do something in his honour but this is on a larger scale than even i imagined. It will be the first DC title i have bought in a very long time but i look forward to seeing the end result of this very much.
My condolence to Jeph and his family. There's no greater pain than losing a child. And such a talented one as Sam, there are no words for your grief. Our prayers are with you.
I too offer my condolences. I have just ordered Tales of the Vampires from Amazon so I will look forward to reading Sam's work. I'm sure he will be remembered for many reasons, not least his brave battle at such a young age. He's only slightly older than me.

On a completely unrelated note, in that summary of the next issue of Wizard Magazine, it says,

Astonishing X-Men, ³Serenity,² ³Wonder Woman²Šhe talks about ¹em all."

I wasn't aware Joss had went through with the operation. Although now those comments about wanting to wear Inara's clothes make more sense. ;)

[ edited by Razor on 2005-09-01 17:40 ]
I wasn't aware Joss had went through with the operation. Although now those comments about wanting to wear Inara's clothes make more sense. ;)

I guess Kai decided to go along with it after all. ;)

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