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"He's got a husband's bulge."
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September 01 2005

A convention from the guests point of view. At the Angel Booster Bash back in July, cameras were given to all the guest to take pictures with to get an idea of what they would take pics of. Some of those have now been developed and posted to their photo gallery.

They were ask to just take pictures when ever they felt like it to take as many or as few as they want. There are still some cameras to be developed.

That's me!!!
I am number 48. Clare Kramer asked me to stand on a chair and put my head near the exit sign cause my hair was the same color, she also asked that i not smile.
Dhoffryn, great pic. If I wasn't such a manly man I'd say you were handsome. As it is one of the women folk around here will have to tell you. Did you get Clare's number? BTW, do you do everything incredibly beautiful actresses tell you to do? Me too!
Clare loved my hair:) We talked for a bit about it (why i did it, how, etc) and then she just jumped up and grabbed her camera and said that the exit sign was the same color and she needed a picture, and i sure did stand on that chair. I was grinning quite a bit and then she said that i shouldn't smile at all so it would be artistic. My hair isn't that color anymore (it changes often). I have since bleached the hell out of my hair and have a mohawk. I am thinking about what i should do with it for the Sept 22 Serenity premiere (i did one of those Browncoat testimonials and Universal gave everyone who did one tickets to the premiere AND the after party, i know that i have been going on and on but i told everyone i know already and they dont want to hear about it anymore:) :) )
Dhoffryn, did you happen to see the indie film Clare did called "Guy in Row Five"? It's pretty funny, and she's stunningly beautiful in it. Also, kudos on the mohawk. I'm blatantly bald, which doesn't bother me at my advanced age, but I regret never doing a mohawk when I had the hair to do it with.
I never saw that (and never heard of it) but i will look for it. I had a shaved head (not like skinhead, some hair but very very little) at one point. At this point i was thinking of going with blue or perhaps orange as the next color. Any suggestions?
I'd go with Serenity-poster blue.
What a great idea - good pics too. I remember seeing some video footage that Sparky, the Prop king from AtS, shot at a End Of Days opening ceremony - incredible over 2000 people with a blaze of camera flashes!

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