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September 01 2005

Serenity novelization available as ebook. just posted the ebook for Serenity at a sale price of $5.69 (or $5.12 if you get their newsletter).

I went to and marked both of your reviews "helpful". By "both" I mean the novelization and the visual companion. Everytime I think visual companion, my mind reads "virtual companion". Tingly! OK, I'll stop now. Well, within the next 3-4 hours tops.

And your warning not to read if you haven't seen was really adorable.
Anybody know if the eBooks are printable?
They are not, or at least this one isn't. Books from eReader are encrypted to prevent (or at least discourage) theft, and generally aren't printable as you could then crank out your own copies or redirect it to a text file.

There are places that offer unencrypted eBooks ( comes to mind) but most eBook retailers offer some form of encryption. eReader's is actually pretty smart - your book is encoded with your name and the credit card number you used to buy the book with. Once you unlock the book on your reader or Palm or whatever, the program remembers so that subsequent eBook purchases open right up. But to share the file, you'd have to be willing to hand over your credit card info as well.
Ordinarily I'm not a fan of DRM, but at least this one is invisible most of the time.

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