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September 01 2005

First look at Nick Brendon's 'Unholy' Film. Official stills from the movie which comes out September 23rd.

Well. Can't be worse than 'Pinata'.......
I still don't understand this movie.
Nicky looks wonderful. I can't wait to hear more about the movie. :)
Killinj - thanks for the link! Though I think it is the trailer, not the film itself, that premieres on September 23. Looks like Dread Central will be hosting the clip. Can't wait to see it!
Well, I have kinda been missing Adrienne Barbeau since Carnivale ended and I haven't seen anything new of Brendon's since Buffy ended, so this is a maybe I guess?

I feel like watching Psycho Beach Party all of a sudden. That's the best Nick Brendon film I've seen so far. I should buy it. He's not gonna top that if he continues to do low-rent horror flicks.
we're promised "gorier" shots

Whatever floats your boat.
The stuff I've heard about this movie does sound creepy. I don't usually go for horror movies much, but for NB I'll go there. :0)

The two pics of just him are way creepy though. Does the first one look like it's just his head on a plate of salad? Nope? Just me then. *must not eat chese before bedtime* The last one is scary too as he looks totally freaked out. *whimper*
So this is hitting theaters, not just straight to DVD? Hot damn!
Thanks for this link, killinj. I was starting to wonder if Nicky's movie had faded from the map. There was a lot of buzz about this movie on the 'net. I'll give it a watch.
So this is hitting theaters, not just straight to DVD? Hot damn!

Just wanna ask if this is true?
I'm always up for a good spooky movie. I mean, Nazis are creepy enough, right? Then they had to add the supernatural stuff.

I think I'm due for a rewatch of Psycho Beach Party myself ...

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