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September 01 2005

The Serenity Empire webchat transcript. (reg. required). My favourite quote, ever: "MORENA: Nathan, stop touching me".

Somebody asked Nathan about a 2 Guys and a Gal movie. The humour.
Best quotable:

Tace: The Firefly/Serenity cast are brilliant convention guests. Will you all still attend conventions when the film takes off and you become even more famous?

NATHAN: I plan on becoming a recluse, growing my fingernails to extraordinary lengths and jarring my own urine!

JOSS: Trace, while Nathan is becoming a recluse, I will be trolling the conventions for loose women with, needless to say, poor eyesight.
gossi, no need to double post in your own thread.
MORENA: Nathan, stop touching me
NATHAN: Your fingers type stop, but your eyes type donít stop.


JOSS: Joss, how can you be so sexy and yet so humble?
JOSS: Well, Joss, Iím glad you asked. Itís not easy, and I trained for years with monks in Tibet who are both humble and sexy Ė but mostly sexy.

There's one available here if you dont want to sign up there and already have here Browncoats Official Board. (just half of the transript so far)
True, Caroline. My apologies. I just have a weakness for Joss Whedon's humour, mainly because it's just like mine. Or I stole his. I'm not which, chicken and egg.

Is it me or did they not moderate the chat? It looks like loads of people pile in with questions at times and they don't have chance to answer them all.
gossi, I was there from the beginning, and got booted off so that the BDHs could log on (sigh). Prior to the questions starting, the chat was insane - there were something like at least 2 hundred people all clamouring away. Empire did moderate, and assess all the questions and so on...So whilst it looks like they're getting bombarded, it's a moderated bombardment ;)
I'm starting to forget all of my passwords.

What is it with this new fad of requiring registration, email addresses and your eternal happiness just to read something as innocuous as a chat log?
Yes, I was there with Zuckerbaby, and got booted also. It was very frustrating cause I missed the finale of Lost (well I was watching it with at least one eye). I got back on about 10 mins before it finished.
nixygirl, I forgot. What was in the hatch?...oh, that's right. Never mind.
Yes, jaynelovesvera, lost socks. Ain't that just the darnedest thing?

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