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September 02 2005

Serenity coverage or what the papers say. A snapshot of the latest mentions. The Hollywood Reporter says "September 30 will be as jam-packed as mid-summer with six wide openings". The National Post says of Serenity "bigger budget here and bigger laughs." And the Boston Herald places Serenity alongside movies that "look all too familiar".

Nothing really splashy but I guess it's better than nothing. Over here in Malaysia, it's like Serenity doesn't exist. :(

Edit: Here's a link to the only mention of Serenity I've found in the local papers. Sad, isn't it.

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Do I have a dirty mind or does "jam-packed as mid-summer with six wide openings" have a less than PG connotation? OK, just me then. Most of these mentions are tiny little blurbs, though I liked the National Post for highlighting Joss' talent, his determination and the movie's big assets. Cannot go wrong with that, y'know.
Sydneysiders are about to get a big dose of Joss in the papers - tomorrow, the Sydney Morning Herald's Spectrum section will have a cover story on Joss and Serenity. Don't know if it will be online, but looks like it's going to be pretty damn shiny!
I'm wondering if the currently held opinion that Sept 30th would be a 'safe' time for Serenity to be released needs to be revised.
Simon, may be, if the movie-going public is as fascinated with Jessica Alba's admittedly incredible ass as most of the online journalists I've read lately. Until two weeks ago I wasn't concerned about Into the Blue; now, I don't know. Her Golden Globes are everywhere.
Not too worried about Into the Blue actually, it looks absolutely terrible and it is probably terrible aswell. No, if one movie worries me it's "A History of Violence" which so far has recieved raves... That could eventually prove to be a problematic movie at the end, or rather the first weekend. But we've got the browncoats the first weekend still so it should be alright regardless.

Edit: Just realised that it's a Cronenberg film so maybe not so much for the mainstream audience... Luckily...

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These guys don't seem to hold Serenity in very high regard. It gets mention almost last in all three articles, like it's barely even worth mentioning. I'm starting to get a sinking feeling, I didn't know it was going up against Into The Blue, pun intended. Unless Serenity starts getting a little more positive buzz from the Press I don't think it will take the Top spot away from Into The Blue, it just the kind of fodder the general public laps up, hopefully I'm wrong.
I'm sort of thinking Into the Blue = Mindhunters... Or maybe Elektra at the best.
Her Golden Globes are everywhere

Heh. :-) It's funny, I still have yet to see a single trailer for Into the Blue, in the theatres or on TV. I think that's more a reflection of the movies I've seen (for instance, I'm sick to death of that god-awful "Thumbsucker" trailer, which I've now seen at least five or six times) than a coment on Into the Blue's ubiquitousness. I do realize Into the Blue will likely be the big moneymaker for the weekend, but it's hard for me to see it as direct competition for Serenity. They target different audiences...
The following are the Sep 30th movies that are coming out in the US;

Greatest Game Ever Played
Into the Blue
Little Manhattan
Truman Capote
History of Violence, A (expands to wide release)
Oliver Twist (expands to wide release)
The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio (limited)

2 of them actually open in major cities the week before in limited release, so that will impact their box office on Sept 30th. Those are the ones that are trying more for Oscar concideration than actual box office.

BTW - visit Sernity's page at so it can make the most anticipated list.

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I'm starting to get a sinking feeling, I didn't know it was going up against Into The Blue, pun intended.

I don't know how to put this delicately, but if the Serenity is released into a weekend with literally no competition (and I happen to be of the camp that Into the Blue and Greatest Game Ever Played are weakish competition), it would sink just because of release date. September/October is not a good time to be releasing movies you think are going to do big business, mostly b/c not many people are going to see movies; the original release date of April 22 had a lot more possibility just because April is the anticipation month for summer.

I actually think releasing the movie in a weekend with decent competition would be a good thing. A sink or swim type of mentality, because I think the movie would show up its competition. I'm a habitual sort of movie-goer, and I used to work in a movie theater, and Sept/Oct are slow months when the Hollywood movies were either prestige Oscar bait or poor-ish genre movies they had no confidence in. Which casts a sad shadow on Serenity.
I think April would have been a good time to 'burn off' Serenity - the Star Wars effect would have taken a toll. The extra months post production, new score, website and summer advertising will have cost a lot more money than the April date.

'Into The Blue' is the only real competition directly effecting, and that's purely based on tits and ass factor - it looks to be a terrible film. But, terrible film or not - tits and ass will get people into the cinema. So, however, will guns and space ships.
I think Jessica Alba is great and all, but I think this will be a respectable dud for her...

The question is - what are we hoping the Serenity box office to be? What are the studios expecting? And what would they consider good enough to invest in future films?

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The question is - what are we hoping the Serenity box office to be? What are the studios expecting? And what would they consider good enough to invest in future films?

In an Entertainment Weekly article Universal execs were quoted that they are looking for the movie to make more than $80 million for them to greenlight a sequel. No idea if this means internationally or that's just a domestic number.

Then again, if the movie is not quite as successful as expected in the theatres but turns out to be a bigger hit on DVD, they might still greenlight a sequel.
Where do some of these people get some of their facts? The star ecentral link mentions Mal is piloting the ship that he stole??? Guess everyone assumes that the crew are just a bunch of crooks (well they are, but they are so much more).
There's really not that much to worry about with the release date. April would have been much worse. Greatest Game, MirrorMask, History of Violence, Capote, Little Manhattan, Prize Winner - these are all much smaller releases than Serenity, playing to mostly different audiences.

Into the Blue is the only major competition, and I don't think it'll do that well. Alba is hot because of Sin City and Fantastic Four, but you could hardly call her the reason those films were successful. In a generic heist movie, T and A notwithstanding, she shouldn't do that well. I predict a 8-10 million opening for Into the Blue and 15-19 million for Serenity...

I do, however, think there is some crossover between the Serenity and Into the Blue audience, at least in the way they are being marketed...the Serenity campaign is pretty heavy on big guns, space battles, and hotties kicking ass...all of which appeals to teenage boys, much like Miss Alba and Paul Walker in a tropical thriller.
Yeah, bonzob , Jessica will pull in the young male market. Otherwise, there's no competition, which as dottikin pointed out above, might not be so good since there's no (sorry) marquee franchise to excite the masses that weekend.

Looking down the next few weeks in October, there's also no SF; although there are some fantasy genre films (The Fog, Doom, etc). Maybe the SF Geekdom will come out for Serenity. So it's up to us and Universal to promote our asses off. I have a feeling good word of mouth will keep up some momentum and the falloff for the second weekend (remember, how important this is!) might be quite respectable. Be way cool if the third week also went this way. Then we have a winner.
Here's another very brief mention of the movie in a USA Today article about upcoming fall releases. I think this might be the first time I've actually seen Serenity being referred to as a 'space Western' by major media.

Sounds to me like Hollywood is counting on releases from now through the next couple of months to bounce their red bottom line back up into the black. Good luck to 'em. Looking through the list of offerings, I can honestly say Serenity is the most appealing to me of the bunch (though I'm looking forward to Corpse Bride, Proof and Wallace and Gromit, albeit with a somewhat lesser degree of enthusiam). I also liked this quote:

"I think we'll have few surprises this season," says Bruce Snyder, distribution chief for 20th Century Fox. "I don't know that we'll catch up. But we should have some movies to be proud of."

I'd like to think Serenity will be that shining example everyone points to, in another month or so.

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