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September 02 2005

Astonishing X-Men #12 review. Well that's Joss and John's first year over, so what did you think of it?

The ending seems to have polarised fans, they either love it or hate it. More seem to love it though.

I think their first year shouldn't have taken 15 months.
It seemed a lot longer than 15 months. There was a small number of X-fans who dropped the book as a result of the delay. Overall, I really enjoyed the 12 issues. It was interesting to read what Joss said about the second arc in the latest Wizard magazine.

I think the second arc has really kicked in now, but I know people haven't really responded it to it as well as the first one, which is kind of freeing for me.

He goes on to say that he was ok with people going "Mmmmmmm, maybe not" and he wanted to take some chances and experiment.

Regarding the second year well. Is Emma Frost hallucinating? Who is the cloaked figure and who is S.W.O.R.D's inside person in the X-Men?
I thought there was promise in the first arc, but the second arc with the crazed danger room robot is, as far as I've read (issue 10 I think) horribly stupid. I expected more about the characters and instead got a bunch of issue long fights.

And unlike Buffy, we know no important is really in danger. If the pre-Colossus coming back ressurections didn't prove that, that would.

I expect better from Whedon.

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