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September 02 2005

(SPOILER) Exclusive clips from Serenity. Moviefone contains two exclusive clips. Edit: 7 total clips. Download: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7

Well I havent seen the movie so i dont know where these scenes are but Clip 1 is a chase scene and Clip 2 is the fight scene. I'll make it that vague as my description might as well be spoilery :)


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Direct Quicktime download links from Moviefone are here and here.

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Keever, thanks a bunch!

Okay, I love this movie; since each scene is sequential action, you get a much better sense of the quality of the film.

C'mon Sept. 30!
There's clips available under Trailers on
That was nothing short of amazing. I cannot wait to see this movie
Okay, there WERE clips available on, but it just got knocked offline (there's a surprise...)
Good clips. I may take them into work tomorrow, I'm getting together a whole bunch of people from work to go see Serenity when it opens and one of my coworkers asked me "Is there any action?" I think these may answer him, though having seen the film I have to say that there's even better stuff in the movie. These are just the starters...
Those were the clips shown on Sci-Fi after an airing of a few Firefly eps. They look great. Can't wait to see the movie.
Unfortunately I don't think clips do it the 'big screen' justice. But, any advertising is good advertising.
I don't know how I feel about those clips. I have seen the movie, and they do NOT do the movie justice. What gossi said, actually.

but I wonder what the reasoning is in releasing them. It is an official release right? Action & chase scenes are so much better on the big screen, won't these clips not have the opposite effect of the one intended? And anyway, Firefly and Serenity never were only about the action and chasing, so why only these scenes?
Just saw a Chicago screening of the final product Wednesday night.

These clips are fantastic, but wait until you see the real thing!!!!!!!

The music, the SFX, the whole gorram movie - even if you've seen one of the advance screenings - the final product is nothing short of awesome!
What sells movies: action and chasing. See also: crap like Bad Boys being successful. As it's often said, Universal don't need to sell the Firefly aspects of Serenity really - those viewers probably already know what it is, or will easily spot it. They need to sell it to joe public - those ARE the viewers who WILL make or break this thing.
*gasp* there was a final screening in Chicago. Argh! Sigh. It's a good thing I've seen an advance screening but still...
It was a press screening. I'm pretty sure someone posted here offering tickets since the screening was a freebie this time.
ShelaghC, let us know if you see any press commentary resulting from the press screening...the Starlog stuff (see above posting) is great, but I'm really anxious and eager about getting more mainstream press.
There's press screenings going on all over the US at the moment.. There's another UK one going on this Wednesday in London, too, at Vue West End (big cinema) for TV people etc. However, they have an embargo on reviews until about a week before release.

Edit: and if anybody is wondering, 40 fans are going to the London screening through a CantStopTheSignal UK promotion - I didn't post it here as I knew it'd fill quickly (took about an hour).

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I just saw a tv ad for Into The Blue. It looks so crappy but I already know people are going to see it. Yuck.

Yeah the clips don't do the movie justice.
Adam is so good looking...
I met Adam in Edinburgh. The funny thing is, I giggle when I see him shouting in TV/films now, as he's a really nice guy and I just can't imagine him getting angry... And then he does! 'cause the script says so!

I'm not quite able to seperate actors and acting well. Dang.
I just saw a tv ad for Into The Blue

- eddy

Crappy or not, I *M U S T* see Jessica! Am I drooling? ;)
Adam is just one of the cast who should get a real career boost from Serenity, especialy deserved after The Inside was cancelled.
Adam's description of The Inside to me: "Dark. Dark dark dark. Dark show. It's very... dark". I don't think he knew I run so knew it was... dark.
Well, actually there are seven clips. Come on, am I the ONLY one that took the url of the first two clips:
and just tried more numbers?
Like: (let me add the usual spoiler warning here)

I guess a webmaster got lazy and just uploaded them all at once, but only adds links to them one by one. So it's possible that once they register a lot of hits to the other clips they will take them offline and upload them again in due time.

Also, as the 2nd is the thirst of the scifi previews and the 3rd sounds like last weeks preview clip that never appeared as torrent, plus #4 is this weeks preview, I would guess that we will see the other clips on scifi sooner or later. On the other hand, I'm missing the first two preview clips from scifi.

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that's a cool find Trienco, didnt even think of doing that since the official browncoat forum only said 2 clips... plus i dont have scifi... ~sad~
Seven clips! Rockin! Thanks Trienco.

Hi. My name's Drifter and I'm a spoiler addict.

I didn't used to be. I used to hide in the corner when people talked. Used to cover my ears. Cover my eyes. But it would leak in.

Then I saw my first trailer. I was hooked. I needed more. Then another trailer. Then another.

Seven clips and it's still not enough.

They're like methadone. Until I get the real dose, the Big Trip, Serenity.
Trienco (or anybody?), you may want to put those links up in a link on the main screen, just so people know...
Well, few minutes later I found other posts about clips. I guess gossi (I assume it was him) beat me to it by quite a few hours and put it on his trailer page

At least that way it won't matter if aol takes them offline.

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Those were excellent. Needs more Kaylee, though.
Now, OK, that's killing me: I have downloaded the links, but I hesitate to watch them... so, is there any real spoiler in these clips or not?? Can I watch them, though I want to stay relatively "spoiler-free" before the movie?

PS: "spoiler-free" means that I do not want to know any "big secret" revealed in the movie; I don't mind learning that Inara's dress is red and blue, but I do mind learning that River's missing amygdala has been replaced by one hundred percent pure soja milk...

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OK Le Comité I've seen the film and watched those clips for you:
all are more or less spoilery in terms of feel (even if it IS on the small screen). I mean they are funny and tense and beatifunl :).... - sorry still recovering from watching serenity.
But a few give away even plot points.

Actually if you want to be completely unspoiled don't watch them. If you've seen the trailer:
the clips 1,2,6 &7 are extensions of the trailer, but the added bits are revealing, especially 6&7.
Major spoiler alert for clip 5 (IMO), clip 3 & 4 are also high points (or turning points) of the movie so best NOT watch them.

clip1: Reavers
clip2: River
clip3: Inara
clip4: Operative
clip5: Jayne
clip6: River/Mal
clip7: Wash
Bah, can't get the sound to work :(
I even installed the latests versions of qt alternative and vlc. Anyone have any other suggestions?
Harpy: thanks, I'll watch 1,2,6,7 and skip the others for now.

Paul_Rocks: mplayer (with win32 codecs) works fine for me.
This rocks!!

Too bad, however, that Joss put water in his wine concerning the "no sound in space" stuff...
He didn't really, the only time there is sound in space is during an ion storm on the edge of a planets atmosphere so it's just bending the rules slightly, during the blackness of space proper there is still no sound. Having seen Serenity I think it works and had no problem with it and as my friends will tell you I'm very pedantic and am always picking holes in films if I think there are any inconsistency's or mistakes.
Yes, I heard about this "in fact, we're on the edge of the atmo etc etc...", that's what I call "to put water in wine" (to me, this is a concession to Universal...).

However, if you tell me that there are still "no sound in space" scenes (thrilling moments such as the landing of Serenity (the ship) on Nishka's space station in War Stories ;) ), then a little water in wine is no harm. That would have been a shame if key visual elements of FF were completely droped in Serenity (hope there is also these "out of focus" sfx...).

[ edited by Le Comité on 2005-09-03 22:34 ]
The only time they decided to bend the rules with the "sound in space" thing was quite frankly necessary for the impact of that scene. I'm not saying it couldn't be done and done well, but the choice they made was fine and it works well.

And to be honest, if you haven't seen the movie I suggest not seeing these clips. Actually, don't even watch the trailers, although I'm sure it's far too late for that. Better to go in fresh.

[ edited by WannaBlessedBe on 2005-09-04 08:32 ]
I agree with WBB.

I don't know why they are putting out so much of the movie.
I'm afraid at this point people are going to have seen so many of the funny moments and so much of the movie for that matter, that when they finally see it, they are going to feel like it is just a string of clips that has been tied together. All the little surprises that wait around the corners of the film will have already have been revealed. Too many spoilers.

I am so glad I have already seen it. Even when I saw it in June, I found what I had seen in the original trailer a distraction. My mind kept pulling me out of the movie a little bit and saying, "This is a piece from the trailer. Oh, they cut it differently." Etc..

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