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September 02 2005

Tonight's Firefly episode on Sci Fi - 'Our Mrs. Reynolds'. Featuring Saffron! One of the best Whedonverse guest characters ever. And no doubt there will be more exclusive clips from the movie airing tonight. And if you're looking for more coverage, check out the new Starlog magazine which has a 16 page movie preview.

Cheers to nakedandarticulate for the heads up on the Starlog mag.

'Our Mrs Reynolds' is an episode full of fun, the show was really starting to find its groove by now.

And as usual the commentary from Whedon and Minear.

This was a really interesting one for me. I just never had a writing experience like that before. I literally wrote stuff down, looked at it and said, “Where did that come from?” I just couldn’t stop writing.

When Mal starts talking to Saffron about his life, I didn’t know any of that stuff; I hadn’t planned out any of that stuff and didn’t know where I was going with it. I read it and I said, “Where did that come from and why is he talking so much? Oh, because she’s one of those people who make people talk so much.” And then Wash does the same thing and you realize she’s one of those people that gets you to open up and kind of sets you against everybody else. The amount of fun I had writing that just could not be greater.

It is literally one of the two or three best experiences I’ve ever had as a writer.

Joss wrote that and I thought it was one of the best scripts he’d written in a long time, which is saying something. It was just so funny and such a great twist. I really thought it was terrific because he captured the personalities of the whole crew. He took this character of Saffron and she was basically a pebble cast upon the water and she caused all of these ripples. It was a great way to get to know who these people were, and a lot of it took place in space, which I thought was great, on the ship, because in a show like this the ship more or less becomes one of the characters

The first episode that really made me say: "Hey, I like this show".

Just as side note: The first time I watched the series, was through Fox order, so this was my 3rd episode. Well actually 4th, cause back then, I did watch the old version of "Serenity", without the additional scenes that were added later on. So "Our Mrs. Reynolds" was the next episode, right after "Bushwhacked", instead of "Safe"

That was definetely a good bible. And yes, I'd have believed that Inara let Safron kiss her too. LOL.

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I think this is one of my least favorite epis. I have an irrational hate for YoSaffBridge...

You know that kind where you just wanna flip off the tv when they're onscreen? That kind...
I like this episode. Amen to the "good bible" scene...
The first episode that really made me say: "Hey, I like this show".

This is one of my favorite episodes, for some reason (that being the one in which it rocks). Also, I've found it to make a good introduction episode - mostly due to the comedy-factor, I think, but also because it's not too out there. Maybe?
I love this episode. Saffron is a great fun character. I hope to see her in a possible sequel of Serenity, maybe one focusing more on Inara/Mal?
Love Saffron, love this ep. I have introduced two people to the show (successfully) with this episode - the comedy and the twist really sell it well. No one ever sees the twist coming.
I like Saffron, but I imagine I'd still find this episode funny even if I hated her. There's a lot of humor happening without her and in spite of her (but mostly because of her presence). I hated the Trio on Buffy some of the time, but what they said and what happened to them was often hilrious all the same.

My thoughts on the original airing went something like this.
"The Train Job" -- wasn't very keen on it. Very C-grade episode for me. I alternated between "engine kick was cooool" and "okay Joss, we already know your shows are edgy, don't need to try so hard". It's still a shame that many fans associate the Crow kill with early establishment of Mal's character more strongly than they do with everything we got on him in "Serenity" (the pilot). Goddamn Fox.
"Bushwacked" -- aside from not being sure whether I bought the "stare into the darkness, become like the monster" creation of Reaver victim, I thought this was a flawless episode. It shows up as a lot of people's "worst episode" (or "least good"), but it did everything right for me. There was creepyness, that awe-inspiring, beautiful scene with Simon and River on the hull, the sad music playing over the destruction of the transport ship at the end, there was even a generous helping of humor (the interrogations, among other scenes) in a plotline where you wouldn't expect much. If "Bushwacked" had been as average as "The Train Job", I may not have watched anymore Firefly, but "Bushwacked" ensured I'd stick around.
"Our Mrs. Reynolds" endeared the characters to me even more and made me wanna see a lot more of Morena getting to be funny, which we didn't so much. Eh. "I only fell is all!" LOL. Thought Saffron was worthy of recurring status, liked her well enough in "Trash" as well. If we only saw her in two or three episodes a year, I think that would've been just right. Up until "Out of Gas", it was a tie between "Bushwacked" and "Our Mrs. Reynolds" for my favorite episode ("Safe" didn't air until after "Out of Gas" in the original Fox order).

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This episode is a classic example of HOW to write television. It's very well structured, it's funny, it's interesting. I know, I'm a fan boy - but really, it's a good TV episode.
I adore this episode...not *quite* as much as "Trash", but nearly as much. The ripple effects (Tim is spot-on) that Saffron has on all the crew are fabulous...and the ending is simply amazing...the dramatic tension, Inara's almost palpable relief that her feelings for Mal will be forced to the surface, and her, well, I don't know how else to say it, but "frustrated relief" that they won't is funny, dramatic, pathetic, ironic, and flat out marvelous.

Also, it was nice that Wash was, barely, able to resist the "good legend" (or whatever he called it.)

Mal, of course, was going to the Special Hell, a term that is used regularly in my home these in, "Don't forget to pick up some coffee, or you're going to the Special Hell!"
This episode introduces my favorite support, only that is reason enough to love it. The fact that the episode is really great and very funny is just a bonus. I really do love Yosafbridge and if there's one support that I want to return in a sequel it's her, much more than characters like Jubal Early and Badger.
Love this episode, Love Saffron.

One of my favorite Jayne scenes where he tries to trade "Vera" for Mal's new bride and doesn't get why anything is wrong with that. Also features the birth of that "special hell", and great comedy from most of the cast. I love scenes around the dining room table too :)
Our Mrs. Reynolds? Isn't that... special.
I think one of the main reasons I don't like her (or Mindy Clark's character in the whorehouse episode) is that Mal willingly hooks up with her. I want him to be with Inara. I don't want him to want anyone else. This is ignoring the fact that Inara likes Mal too and sleeps with other men on a regular basis. See? I told you it was irrational!

Oh wow, is she a Riley to me??
I really like Riley... and Kennedy... Just wanted to point that out... (Although I hate Rona... *ugh*)
I liked Riley, though he occasionally made me roll my eyes, Kennedy drove me nuts, and I don't think it was purely because of my Tara-love.
I'm glad Firefly gets to survive the Stargate marathon tonight. My mandatory Friday night appointment with Battlestar Galactica is pre-empted! -mattro
Eh, the only real problem I had with Riley is that he got in the way of my particular OTP of the moment. Otherwise he was just kind of bland to me. His scenes lose my interest quickly. He was kind of just a big, boring brick wall between Spike and Buffy...IMO, of course.

Kennedy...she was pretty annoying, but on rewatching Season 7, I found that Rona was the worst for me.
I think Riley was the perfect boyfriend for Buffy after the Angel disaster (wow am I gonna get hate mail for that!) I just mean she was really broken and Riley was a good support system. Kennedy was eww from the start with me. She only redeemed herself in Chosen. So did Wood for me actually. Huh.

Back on topic, I love this episode. Ourmrsreynolds is my username on the browncoat board :)

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Ahhhhh, you've given your cover away, MySerenity.

Riley is a 'nice guy'. And you know what? Nice Guys always finish last(tm). I used to be a lot like Riley. And then I realised: feck, I'm like... er... RILEY. Nobody likes Riley. Well, not many people.

So, then I slept with this blonde chick and lost my soul. Or I made waffles. It was one of the two.
Regarding Saffron, did anyone think it was a bit too soon for her to return in 'Trash'? Lets say Firefly hadn't got cancelled, her appearing twice in more or less the first half of season one seems a bit much. She doesn't half remind me of a Fireflyverse Ethan Rayne.
Strange, I actualy watched this episode tonight on DVD and Inara's constant "I tripped, honest!" moments were so funny and then just when you think Mal has worked it out at the end...
I love this episode. And I love Saffron. In the sense that I deeply deeply wanted her to get what was coming to her. Which she did, of course, in "Trash." Too soon for two appearances? I'd like to think that Joss recognized the potential of the character (and the talent of the actress) . . . kinda like Ethan, but also Spike and Anya.
Yeah, I don't think it was too soon. More Saffron!

Also, the clip from Serenity tonight was very cool. I saw a rough cut, but now that the film is color-timed, it looks much better. That set looked kinda cheesy in the first trailer, but they've seemingly timed everything super dark and moody, and it looks great.

I had completely forgotten about the moment right at the end of the clip - SciFi cut away before the "punchline," but it got a huge cheer during the screening. Go Mal!
I really like this episode. There are so many good lines in it -- it just keeps me laughing the whole way through. And, yes, the twist at the end . . . priceless.

And, Simon, I too have always thought that Saffron's return was too soon (although, given the cancellation, I was glad she did). But I'm not one who would like to see her return in one of the Serenity sequels (optimistic here). I cannot put my finger on why, but I think she was a good TV character, just not a good film character. Perhaps it's because she doesn't really contribute to the long story arc for the series/film. Dunno.

I had forgotten that BSG is not on tonight. Drat. I am so hooked on that show.
LOVE this episode. I also watched them on Fox time so this was my 3rd episode and definitely the one that convinced me Firefly was truely a work of genius. In fact I'll go so far as to say OMR is my favourite Firefly episode. I love YoSafBridge. I'm with SNT, I like to think that she had a Spike/Anya effect, or at least The Mayor and would've definitely been back if not for Fox. I still hope that she'll appear in the 3rd movie (no pessimism here thank you very much :) ) but sadly I very much doubt it.

ETA: lol, seems we're at least partly on the same wavelength there Palehorse (at least as far as optimism goes) :)

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Never had a problem with Riley, I did believe that he had the potential to be Buffy's perfect boyfriend. But circunstances, from both sides, didn't allow them to be such couple.

Kennedy annoyed me a bit, I think mostly because there wasn't much chemistry between Aly and Iyari.

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Saffron: Do you know the myth of Earth-that-was?
Wash: Not so much.
Saffron: That when she was born, she had no sky, and was open,
inviting. And the stars would rush into her, through
the skin of her. Making the oceans boil with sensation.
And when she could endure no more ecstasy, she puffed
up her cheeks and blew out the sky.
Wash: Whoa. Good myth.

Man, I love Saffron. She's wicked and manipulative but she's also tough and sexy with a vulnerable side you get a peak at in "Trash". Saffron is a survivor. She's awfully compelling and I hope she shows up in the next movie.

And isn't that almost-sex scene between her and Mal unbelievably sexy? Special hell, indeed. Hee.

ETA: It's my opinion that Saffron would have become the Spike of Firefly, had the series continued. She was a great antagonist with reedeemable potential, and I think they would have made her a regular around season 3 and been a thorn in everyone's side for a long time.

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Loved this episode. I thought Saffron was a wonderful character and the twist was perfect. I loved both the scenes with Mal and wash and the "Good Bible" and "Good Myth" comments. And Jayne trying to trade Vera for her was so priceless - especially Mal's reaction to seeing Jayne standing there with a gun thinking he wants to fight! And Inara kissing Mal and then realizing why he's unconscious and then trying to cover up why she passed out. And when Mal confronts her I thought he had figured it out and the look on her face when he smugly announces that he knew she kissed Saffron too was so funny, especially her eye roll as he walks away gloating.

And yes, ESG, that was one sexy scene!
Love Saffron. What a great character! Has the actress guest starred on Angel or Buffy? She looks familiar, but I can't figure out where I've seen her before.
I also think it's up there with Doppelgängland, Spin the Bottle and Smile Time as one of the funniest things Joss has ever written.

Love Saffron. What a great character! Has the actress guest starred on Angel or Buffy? She looks familiar, but I can't figure out where I've seen her before.

I don't know about Buffy/Angel (without looking it up), but she was in an episode of Tru Calling and was the battered wife who lived next to Abby in ER
"She looks familiar, but I can't figure out where I've seen her before."

She was a barmaid in the flashbacks in "Darla". Also an abused wife on ER.
I think it was the abused wife that made me recognize her...I'll have to look for her in Darla. I just saw that episode the other day too, I'm embaressed for myself. And I call myself a fan!
She was also a regular in the UPN show 'Kevin Hill' last season.
Christina Hendricks. Christina Hendricks. Christina Hendricks.

All these posts and no mention of her name. Just thought I'd give the lady her props. I thought her performance was amazing.

Now if only saying her name three times made her materialize, like Beetlejuice? Oh happy day!
Yes, jlv. But watch out for the lipstick.
Not a problem for jlv since he never kisses them on the lips...
She was in The Prodigal, not Darla.
How do you know, dcubed? ;)
A little birdie told me...or was that a script writer...
As a non-convert to the cause, comparatively speaking, the episodes featuring Saffron are two of the most enjoyable. It doesn’t seem odd to me that Saffron should make a second appearance so soon after Mal’s first encounter with her, but I came to the show after-the-fact, so to speak, which might have affected my approach to it. Christina Hendricks gives a couple of sparky performances, which undoubtedly helps.

Turning now to more familiar ground (for me), I have a great deal of time for Riley. He's a character who has become increasingly interesting as I have continued to watch the various seasons of BtVS. This includes the seasons that Riley does not appear in. The show has a constantly evolving multi-narrative and a very pronounced awareness of its past. It all helps to create a proper setting for the various characters who pass through the story. Riley works perfectly within the context of the period in which he impacts on Buffy’s world (which extends beyond his actual physical presence). I have recently finished watching S5 again and surprised myself by discovering new insights into these episodes. The writing is phenomenal – and the understated performance of Marc Blucas doesn’t hurt.

I would not claim to have any particular fondness for Kennedy, but I could not imagine myself ever hating a character in this show. Kennedy is there for a purpose. Without her, S7 would not be the same. This goes for all the potentials. The nature of what is happening means that we can never really get to know these characters. We view them, more or less, through Buffy’s eyes. This affects our response to them, but it also drives the narrative and helps to make the season such an extraordinary achievement (if you happen to be me!) Their presence is essential in order to tell the story as it unfolds through the twenty-two episodes of the season. All of the potentials have an important role to play here. Having said that, I do appreciate that a lot of fans would have welcomed a different story, without their involvement. For myself, I absolutely adore the season, so I guess this influences my opinion of them. It never fails to astound me, quite frankly
It is literally one of the two or three best experiences I’ve ever had as a writer.

I wonder what the other two are?

Also, I did this episode on DVD last night. One of the two or three best experiences I've ever had as a watcher.

Thanks Joss!
Well, I'll bet that one is OMWF. And maybe the other is Waiting in the Wings. I think he really enjoyed both of those.
It's been a while since I've seen this one, and I was amazed at how "quotable" it is. So many great ones; I practically recited the whole episode.
brownishcoat, I agree. I always liked this ep a lot, but in watching it again, it was even better than I remembered. One of those Joss classics where every other line is genius.
When I watch the last scene of this episode (Inara and Mal), I always have the impression that Morena has a strabism when she looks at Nathan... am I the only one to see this?

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