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September 02 2005

Joss in IGN's Battle of the Comic Book Writers! His first round opponent: Danger Girl's J. Scott Campbell. Spoilers if you haven't read the GIFTED story arc, or at least issue 4, of Astonishing X-Men.

Joss is in the "Wordsmiths" Bracket. Along with Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, and Jeph Loeb. If it comes down to Alan Moore vs. Joss, my head may explode trying to choose who to vote for.

Yah, Alan Moore would get my vote, I love Joss, but Alan Moore is the best comic writer ever (followed closely imo by Neil Gaiman.)

Garth Ennis vs. Joss Whedon might be interesting, especially since in the past Joss has stated that he quite liked Preacher (which was a series that I loved.)
Oh rabid. You and I can never agree, can we?

Joss is the Word.


Silly boy. Girl. Whatever you may be...
But Joss versus J. Scott Campbell? That's like... Giles versus Harmony in a game of chess. :D
It's too bad that great indie comics like Bone, Concrete and Cerebus stand no chance in these kinds of competitions since... well... most casual comic readers havn't heard of them.

And I'm male Willowy lol :)

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It's too bad that great indie comics like Bone, Concrete and Cerebus stand no chance in these kinds of competitions since... well... most casual comic readers havn't heard of them.

Yeah, it's just unbelievable that Todd McFarlane is beating out Terry Moore when the question is asking who's the best writer!! Spawn simply cannot compare to Strangers In Paradise when you are talking about writing. If the question was about art, I could understand as while I don't like McFarlane's art I know that many people like it, however McFarlane is quite well known as a lousy writer, yet he's beating the lesser known Terry Moore. Grrrrrr... arggggh!

I hope Joss makes it far, but I have a feeling that when he eventually is compared to Alan Moore in this contest that he doesn't stand a chance.
If it comes down to Joss and Alan Moore, I have to say I'll have absolutely no trouble whatsoever voting for Mr. Moore.

J. Scott Campbell - bwahaHAHAHAHAAAHHAAAAAA! You're goin' down, buddy.



Joe Sweden will always win here.
If Neil Gaiman (in the Dramatist bracket) and Joss happen to face each other in later rounds, my obsession fanboy adulation will be severly torn. Fortunatly, if they're running the brackets right, this would only happen in the last two rounds...
This is Whedonesque, as you rightly say Willowy. Even so, I'd be voting for Alan Moore too for top comic-book writer. In fact, I'd probably vote for Ennis over Joss. And I'd vote for Neil G over all of 'em. No disrespect to JW, but he hasn't yet produced anything like the stuff those guys have in this medium. Which is why I won't be voting at all - that's showing my Joss-love right there. :) Must say, though, I'm just not that keen on Strangers in Paradise . . .
Mmmmmmmm Warren Ellis, Mark Millar or Grant Morrison. Decisions, decisions.
Well at least Joss doesn't come up against Mr Moore until the final of their group so there's a chance he might make it that far. Could face Jeph Loeb in the next round though which is a strange coincidence...

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Simon, When I saw your post begin "Mmmmmmmm", I thought sure you'd bracket the other end with ",cookies".
"Must say, though, I'm just not that keen on Strangers in Paradise . . ."

Hey just outta curiosity SNT, how much of the series did you read ? (like how many of the collections, I guess, unless you read it in monthly issue format) It's always interesting to me to see how far someone gets before they decide they love or don't love the series. As with any of my favorite TV shows or comics.
Kris, I started out with monthlies, then got the TPBs. Let's see: the first six volumes, Collected SiP through High School. That's quite a lot, isn't it, for someone who claims not to be that keen on it? :) I guess after a while, it started to bore me. And, between you and me, I find the song lyrics that are interspersed throughout the book just awful.
Heh, a lot of Terry Moore's poetry and song lyrics are painful, yeah. Not all, but most. I just got by them by figuring, they're important to the characters (like the song Emma wrote for Katchoo), so however cheesy or clumsy or simply not to my tastes they may be, they fit.

The book is very long in the tooth at this point (at its 13th collection I think?).
Very strange group of top 16 writers missing a lot of the heavy hitters. I think Geoff Johns is the most consistent writer today and yet he too is missing along with some of the others mentioned earlier.
rockchalkwatcher, there's four different brackets of 16. If you click on the links towards the bottom, you can see the other three brackets: Scribes, Scripters, and Dramatists.
Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one who would vote for Alan Moore over Joss. I mean, Joss's first arc on Astonishing X-Men is my favorite X-Men story ever, but Alan Moore wrote WATCHMEN. I mean, it's WATCHMEN! 'Nuff said. (It's a comic book thread, I had to throw that in there...)

That Dramatist bracket is just unfair. There's no Frank Miller or Alan Moore-type name at the top of it, but Ed Brubaker, Jeff Smith, Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Geoff Johns, Neil Gaiman, and Greg Rucka all in the same bracket. Whoever walks away the winner of that bracket should get some sort of special prize.
The amount of mismatches in there is appalling.

Joss vs. J Scott Campbell?
Alan Moore vs. Lea who?
Kurt Busiek vs. Darwyn Cooke?

Eh, tough decisions, I'm sure.

On the other hand, I'm sorry Jim Kruegar got matched up with Neil so early up in the matches. He's a great writer. Same with Terry Moore

I predict the winner to be either Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore. Joss could win, but it's a really long shot.

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