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September 03 2005

Trailer for 'Done The Impossible' DVD now online. The DVD (available for pre-ordering) is a documentary about the Firefly fans and the trailer itself looks pretty darn good.

Those who thrill to hearing about stats, may wish to know that this my 2000th link at Whedonesque. I'm glad it was one about the fandom.


This is my first comment at Whedonesque. The circle is now complete. Or...something.
Does anybody know if you can order this in the UK? The contact link on the site doesn't seem to be working.
3,816 comments, too. Talkative fulla, too, arncha?

Now, let's see if this's a real link . . .

Just checking :-)

That was HI-larious.

Congrats, Simon.
Oh wait a sec, is that Kevin's doc?

Hm, probably not, what with the America-ness.

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Haha, sweet. Besides from small kids screaming "JOSS WHEDON FOREVA!!", not so hot. But they're still young so I that's alright I guess. But other than that this is something that I really need to get I think. Well, actually, it was the words "3 bonus DVDs filled with hours of Firefly panel footage featuring the entire cast of Firefly" that really made me want this but a fan documentary is pretty neat aswell. Now I just hope that they're planning to ship to Sweden aswell, can anyone get ahold of some info concerning that?
I ordered. It didn't say anything about having to pay more for shipping to Canada, but I guess they'll contact me if what I sent through PayPal wasn't enough.

Order before September 15th if you want a bunch of convention panels on DVD as well. I'm hoping these are the best-produced videos possible (one of them is audio-only though). There've been a whole bunch that I haven't wanted to watch or haven't been able to watch because either the audio was too poor, video too choppy, or they just wouldn't work with Quicktime or Windows Media.
Hi all, this is Jeremy from the documentary. To answer some of the questions above... We will set up a form for international orders in a few days. We will also be accepting credit cards in addition in a few days. The con videos are of varying quality but they are certainly better than most of the clips on the internet.
Jeremy, if I already put my order through on PayPal and I'm from Canada, is there gonna be a problem? I'm not sure if the order form took into account that the payment it was getting was from a Canadian PayPal member, I'm not sure if it's able to do that. With the shipping it came to $20.80 US dollars.

Thanks for the answers.

Oh and maybe you don't wanna reveal "spoilers", but does Orson Scott Card get into talking about Companions and the same-sex content of Firefly during his segment?
Jeremy, thanks for this DVD. This is one "making of" documentary no other movie can boast of. By the way, I've placed my order.
What struck me is Joss predicting his movie will be the next Deuce Bigalow. Well, if that movie got a sequel, Serenity should get three movies easily
Looks awesome! Just pre-ordered our copy and can't wait for it to arrive.

Thanks for the order, I don't think shipping ot Canada costs much more, so that shouldn't be a problem.
I'm more than a little amused. With the success of "Ringers - Lord of the Fans" other fan-created documentaries are now game.

Cool! I pre-orded mine this morning.

Now if only TORN could get "Ringers" out as well.
This looks really interesting. Is this he one Gossi has been working on and telling us about?
No that's a totally different one.
Hey Jeremy, if I pre-order now will I be charged now or when its shipped out?
Kudos, Simon. Quite an achievement.
Jeremy, you've done a great job!
Direct-download link for the medium-sized trailer:
Preorders are being taken through PayPal, so you are charged at the time you preorder, we are going to look into how best to set up "order on ship" when we start taking credit cards. However, the money is going to say in PayPal and will not be spent until it ships.
Jeremy, Do they have a date down when it will be shipped? and/or will we receive an email notification when it is shipped? Thank you.
According to the website it's shipping in November, I think they were doing some shooting at Dragon*Con this weekend.
Just wondering, will the international orders be shipping a Region 1 or Region 2 version?
Or region 4? Is there anything to prevent it being made all region?
Yeah, the material we've shot is different. However, due to time issues I'm thinking of just passing the material we shot to this doc. (We did, however, shoot is 4:3 which will probably mess it up somewhat).

The "joss whedon forever!!!!" thing was a little jarsome, it has to be said.
gossi's just mad 'cause that was what he was gonna yell - or was it "Josh Weldon until 4 EVAR!!!" ;) Just funning with you, gossi! :) Maybe Jeremy will come back and let us know if they are doing any region encoding.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-09-04 07:06 ]
We can mix and match 4:3 with our 16:9. Gossi, we'd love to use some of your footage. We are going to encode this all region.
Personally, the minute (and I do mean the EXACT minute) you have credit card up and running in working-fashion, post a update on the board because I do not have/use/nor really want to use paypal yet I'd love to get the bundle prior to Sept. 15 for such a price, as well as a t-shirt or other merch if available (since it might be easier to ship it altogether) but I'll pay with credit card, but if it remains paypal - I'll have to have a inner fight within myself that makes the Angel's vs. Angelus' fight in "Orpheus" seem like child's play! ;)
Thanks for the clarification.

Now, does it say somewhere how long the DVD is expected to be? I could not find it. (I know, I always want details.)
I'll definetely purchase a copy of this for myself, later on.

For probelms concerning DVD regions, I recommend you guys to check out the Video Help website. I live in a Region 4 country, but never had problem with my region 3 or 1 DVDs.
The play length will be at least 60 minutes, though probably much longer. At this point, we don't know.
Hey Jeremy, would you kindly let us know when the International Order Form is up. So we foreigners, will be able to purchase it in time to get the full package, including the bonus dvds.
Nice to see someone I know in the trailer. Looks like it's some nice work on that JeremyN. We're pimping it on SenOz also, so you'll get some other Ozzies ordering it I think, besides Jenski who's in the traler.

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