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September 04 2005

Fox uses innovative tools to promote DB' new show "Bones". Press kit included an evidence bag, containing "Bones" pilot episode.

If they spent as much time and effort on Firefly, maybe we'd be expecting a 5th season, instead of campaigning and hoping enough people will watch the movie, so we can get more sequels.

to add "period" at the end of the topic title. I must have so problem with "periods", 3 times out of 5, I always forget to type it.

Thats so cool. Nice to see the "Buffy/SMG" ad on the side too.
Excellent link. In all honestly, I'm no longer buying into Fox's press hype in promoting their shows since it seems to boil down to the ratings of their first 3-4 episodes. Please don't get me wrong, I wish David's show is a success. I've just given up on watching new shows on Fox. I grew tried of the disappointment of growing attached to a new show only to see it cancelled which Fox has an infamous history. Again, I hope David's show sees a full season. I just don't want to watch otherwise.
From what I remember, at least as far as press kits were concerned, Fox actually did okay by Firefly. They sent out both large and small versions of the cargo cases that Serenity's crew picks up from the dead ship at the beginning of the pilot (the one containing the marked goods they try to sell to Patience). In the cases, I think there were pens, a watch, one of those marked goods that unwrapped to reveal a chocolate bar instead of protein, cast photos, and other promotional goodness.

I remember trying to win a few on eBay, but they sold for hundreds.
Kris, there was also a Firefly flask. My friend Rick has one of those press kits. The only thing that was missing was the chocolate in the gold bar.
Yeah and I'm screwing up by the numbers here. Think I'll catch some sleep.
Am I the only one who's kinda freaked that we'd be going into the FIFTH season of "Firefly"? It was the last season of both Buffy and Angel on the WB. Crazy.
Is that right? I think we'd only be heading into the 4th season. Firefly debuted during Angel Season 4, 2nd season would've been during Angel's 5th season, 3rd season would've been during last season..yeah and 4th season this year.
Am I the only one who's kinda freaked that we'd be going into the FOURTH season of "Firefly"? It was the second-to-last season of both Buffy and Angel on the WB. Crazy.
That is so funny.
Well actually Adam, you're right that it was the second-last season of Angel, but it was actually the final season of Buffy.

Third time's the charm?
OK, I'm back with the living. Where were we? Oh yes, the different seasons of 'Firefly'. Must admit, I'm a little lost where this is going.

Back to topic, I doubt Dave's show will last a full season. For some reason, I'm feeling 'glass half empty today.'

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