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September 04 2005

MWC reviews the Final Battle Mal action figure and does not like what he sees.

Well, he ain't wrong. That figure is pretty awful.
they got the tight-pants thing going for it though! action figure just wig me out :)
I really don't like it either. Still have hopes that Sideshow will do this line - I'll have to buy two Mal's and make one a Caleb if they do.
Yea, it's not the best.
Wow. That figure looks like crap. Eek.
Speaking for everyone here that is me, "Ugh!"
They really needed to go back to the proverbially drawing board, or assembly line or mold-casting plastics factory or something.
Bad, bad, bad .... almost early Star Wars POTF 2 bad. Typically, it seems to be more difficult to get the correct facial sculpts for female characters than their male counterparts. Hopefully, this line will not continue and will be picked up by someone else.
As if it wasn't bad enough, they stand him beside figures of a well-made Batman and a musclebound freak that I can only assume is Guile from the Street Fighter series of video games. Making malcontent-molded-Mal look that much more pathetic.

Far as their builds go, I dunno if they were trying to go for realistic human proportions instead of cartoon muscularity, but maybe they should've exaggerated things a bit for these toys. Jayne's figure doesn't look nearly as imposing as it should, and that's due as much to the lack of any Adam Baldwin thug-buffness as it is to the figure's depressed facial expression.
I bought most of these figures (didn't get final battle Mal) for my desk at work. I ordered them but I should've *known* they weren't going to be good. Diamond Toys' work on the Buffy/Angel figures has left me cold, so I'm not surprised that they were incapable of really nailing the Serenity figures.

OTH, they're Firefly figures - good or not - and that brings a smile to my face. I just wish it was a bigger smile of 'wow, that looks freaking great'.
Yeah, that really doesn't look impressive. It's a shame that there are so many poor action figures out there considering how fantastic they can be when they are done correctly. Doesn't really look like Nathan Fillion, the body shape isn't great and the ridge along his neck (most noticable in the fourth photo down) convinces you that you're looking at a poor figure, as opposed to a life-like one.

It's a real shame, because if the figures were good then I definitely would have bought them, as would many other people, and this would probably ensure one for each of the main characters. Instead, I don't think they'll sell too well. As much as I love Firefly, I'm not going to pay for something so poorly produced.

I also noticed the reviewer make a typically uninformed comment- "After Joss Whedon finished up Angel and Buffy, he moved on to his version of the future - Firefly." As we all know, neither Buffy nor Angel was finished when Joss was working on Firefly, because Firefly was made during Buffy season seven and Angel season four. He remained in charge of both of his previous series, perhaps not quite as hands on but certainly still heavily involved in the decision making.

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