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September 05 2005

Drew Goddard penned Ep 4 of Alias Season 5. It's titled "Mockingbird".

i like the title. I knew that he wrote ep 4 though, he told me at the Angel Booster Bash. I like that i can say "oh, i know already. Drew told me" :) :)
He wrote last season's best episode, hope he keep the good work.
I absolutely adore Drew's work. Now, if only I can remember to watch this.
I really enjoyed Drew's work on Buffy and hopefully I will eventually catch up with his work on Alias, because I love it too.
Drew Goddard's episodes this past season were the best of the year, so I'm excited about seeing more.
If this indeed is Alias' last year, it'll be interesting to see what Drew moves onto next. Lost?

And speaking of writers we like a lot.
Simon, it would be so sweet if he won.
Drew needs to join Veronica Mars!

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