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September 05 2005

Q&A with Joss in Sydney. Yes the mighty Joss is coming to Oz next week and doing a advance screening with a Q&A.

I'm one VERY happy Browncoat as I just found out I have a ticket! Thanx to the beautiful Mimbles.
The SenOz board has gone crazy also. Worth having a look at.

Man the Q&A thread over there is going like a bullet! Only 340 tickets are available. Hoyts online ticketing has gone under, and the phone lines are packed. Waiting time is about 35 mins on the phone. This is rather exciting! Who knew that Joss could create this Beatles type of frenzy for geeks. OK...well, obviously we did. ;)
Well...they sold out damned fast!! Considering the net broke, and there was a huge wait. I think they were all gone in just over 2 hours? Well 1 and 1/2?
well, isn't that nice, mr. whedon is coming to sydney. what the bloody hell about melbourne, please, grovel, $$$, long queue, waiting, waiting, now goddamnit, how much longer?, do i have enough cash?, who's coming with?, when is it, is it next week, ARGHHHH, brain overload.
and i'm ok now.
Congrats on getting a ticket nixygirl, I hope you have a flantastic time!
Im GOIN! me and my friend! cant WAIT!! gonna be a dream. im so excited!
lol and the pc was stuffin up(or hoyts) or i was stressin out so badly, but i did it in the end!
nixygirl - congrats to you. It is cool enough that you get to see Serenity again but I mean JOSS JOSS JOSS!

You just have to memorize every single word the great man says - I will hold you to it! I look forward to a detailed word for word transcript. Of course the accuracy of the report might be affected by all the squealing and fainting and stuff but just the occasional missing line is OK.
Reidca, please observe our spelling rules and use capitalisation on your posts.
Congrats to both nixygirl and BD & friend. Have a great time! I'm thinking of starting a band, nixygirl--do you mind if I steal the name "The Beautiful Mimbles"?
Ha! Jaynelovesvera, I'm sure Mimbles wouldn't mind at all. It actually does have a kind of ring to it. Thanx Catalyst2, trust me, I will try to memorise everything. However, as the only thing I seem to remeber from Wednesdays pre screening video is the shout out Joss gave to all his lederhosen fans, I wouldn't be holding my breathe for much of one. ;)
And oh yes; there will be squeeling a plenty. Just on the inside tho, must appear kool to other flans.
Oops, sorry, lazy to the extreme is me.
Yay! I will be there! I come all the way from Seattle and get Mr Whedon in my home town instead! Huzzah! Look for the confused looking 6ft tall guy on the third row left.

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