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September 05 2005

The X-Axis reviews Dangerous. A rather scathing review of Astonishing #12.

A rather scathing review of Astonishing #12. And I've got to say, it raises a lot of good points.

Serenity buzz or not, I like how less and less X-Men stuff has been posted as the reviews get increasingly less "Joss is a god."

Dangerous should not have been six issues long, and Year One should not have taken fifteen months to complete. As much as it pains me to say this, I am not looking forward to Year Two much at all.

You should put spoiler warning to that. It spoils the whole thing. And I liked the whole Dangerous run. Though I might have my fanboy glasses on...
Yeah, I must say, I enjoyed the Danger series far less than the previous run. OTH, it still better written than a lot of comics out there.
The moment-to-moment writing, like the interplay between the character, is as Whedon as ever. Unfortunately, I have to agree that the overall plot of the Dangerous did very, very little for me.
Serenity buzz or not, I like how less and less X-Men stuff has been posted as the reviews get increasingly less "Joss is a god.".


The reason less stuff has been posted it is cause one the comic book is essentially for a niche market so it got some mainstream attention at the start and that was it.

And secondly as most comic book series go on, less and less stuff gets published about them.
I agree that the arc was a couple of issues too long. The entire storyline was a bridge to later issues and could have been shortened. However, I still enjoyed the story, maybe not as much as Gifted, but it is still better than most other books out there.
I liked Dangerous, I thought the character interplay was as good as ever, and the ramping tension is great, but I didn't enjoy it nearly s much as the exceptional Gifted. (which is imo one of the best X-Men stories ever.)
I hate that he seems to be regressing the character of Emma Frost about 15 years back. That was the only thing I did not like about this issue.
I thought the Dangerous story line was good but I would have to agree that it might have lasted a couple of issues to long. I am looking forward to the Hellfire Club storyline. Joss is still better than 99% percent of the rest of whats out there.
I'm worried a little about the Hellfire Club storyline, but a lot of that is because I love what Grant Morrison had done with my favorite Marvel babe. I don't want Emma being all evil and stuff again, coz hey. Been there done that, and seriously, why must every bad girl turned good go bad again? I hope she's pulling a Jessica Drew and pretending to side with the Hellfire Club. Yeah, Dangerous wasn't as good as Gifted in terms of basic storyline, but it's still a whole lot better than the other X-Books right now.
I'm not following any other X-book right now (or any other comic, other than collecting the Serenity series), but I was rather disappointed with Dangerous. The dialogue and art was fine, but other than that, the arc's plotting, characterization, even action scenes, did nothing for me. I really enjoyed Gifted, but I wouldn't buy any more AXM on the basis of the past six issues.
Thats a rather scathing and evil review!

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