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September 05 2005

Melbourne Serenity Screening with Whedontastic Q&A Announced. September 13. Get your tickets fast people!

I'm starting to get a feeling that this announcement has been overshadowed by the international movie poster announcement. Anyway I've got my ticket!

Hmmmmm, I wonder if they will be giving away copies of the movie poster at this screening?
Ahh, peace and quiet here. It's getting real crowded over at I just noticed that there are still seats left for this. Not very good seats, on the edges, and at most probably four in a row, but seats nonetheless.

I have a ticket

I feel so special.. AHHHH JOSS IS GONNA BE SO NEAR ME!!!
wait a minute... I thought Joss was meant to be on Rove this night?

He must have cancelled it I guess...
Aapac: Joss will be on Rove next week.
Nope. Rove announced it tonight...and called him Josh Whedon.
Ah... of course! This cinema is just down the road from where Rove shoots - Joss must go to Rove, be on pretty early, then come straight to the movie

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