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September 05 2005

UIP Australia Releases Serenity Poster. This provides the answer to our queries about the artwork with the recent Sydney Morning Herald article.

Very video gamey.
Well that's, different.
I wondered about that artwork...
Are they trying to turn River into Fray? I'm not sure about changing her image so quickly.
I think it's kind of hot. I like the font (is font the right word?) where it says "SERENITY" and I love how clean it looks. I think the US poster is too busy.
Eeeeahhh... I don't quite like that. US poster for me!
The tagline is so much better than the US version. I kind of like this poster better. It's more eye-catching than the US poster.
I like! I really like!! Summer just keeps moving up the list of Whedonverse beauties...getting closer and closer to the top! There's just something about lethal women....
it's very Buffy-esque and where's the other 4
I think this will grab the public's attention more readily than the blue one and I love the way 'from the creator of Buffy and Angel' is proudly splashed across the top.
Uhm, while not esthetically displeasing, I find it very very badly fitting with the movie as a whole. Very different atmosphere. It suggests a totally different film to me than it was.

Also, to the mainstream audience, if you read "From the creator of Buffy" and you see River as a young, slim warrior woman with sharp weapons, the whole thing suddenly looks like "Buffy In Space!". Not smart overal I think...
It's an interesting alternative approach to representing the story - but it's not true to the spirit of the movie I think (Having seen it). Certainly shouldn't be the official poster.

The ship isn't even in it - or Wash/Book :(

I don't understand this approach of a different poster/trailer for different audiences - the differences seem so marginal (especially with the trailers) that one wonders how they decide that one country needs to hear/see something different to get them excited.
Wow. Have I ever loved and hated anything equally before?

I don't think the position she's in is actually very useful, as a pre-attack pose. Very video-gamey, as lalaa said.
Ok, not wanting rotten(or fresh) fruit thrown at me, but coming from the view of being a former 'Buffy scoffer', I wonder if it's not best to leave Buffy/Angel out of it, for mainstream appeal.

Describing this movie to some of my family might interest them, but if I mention it's by the creator of Buffy, I can already see the 'look' they'll get, and the fake "Oh, that's nice" and the slow disengagement. It's happened before. I'm sure my family aren't the only ones. I know they'll be thinking, "Oh, so there are vampires in it?..." Cuz people can be stupid.

And I know it's probably naive, but I'd like to think if you're a Buffy/Angel fan, you already know about Joss' connection to Firefly/Serenity, even if you're not a fan of this project.
Please. This looks like a promo for "Earth 2: This time we have sex!"

This shows nothing of the character or passion of the movie. Please fire the Australian publicist.

And am I alone in feeling just a bit tired of River being front and center with everything? "Oooh, hotchickkillingmachine!!PantPant" - spare me.

To me, she isn't nearly as important as Mal or Kaylee...dang, Inara is much more beautiful and has a much more interesting and mysterious story to tell than River.

Fie on this poster. It's too "Underworld" for our 'verse. I hate it. Boo.
That is a very good point as well Rouge Slayer - If you don't know Joss did Buffy and Angel - then you probably donít WANT to know or care.

But then again, this has been embedded in the campaign from the start - with the trailers etc.

To me, as a fan of all Joss' work, it means that it will be smart and epic and beautifully written (which it is), but for non-believers, it may just negatively associate the movie with 'that Vampire show we didn't watch'.
Rogue Slayer - I think that's where the 'different market' comes in. We've seen that the mainstream British and Oz press have a positive take on the Buffy link in the way that US commentators do not. I also suspect that the public attitude here in Australia is different from the US. I think (or maybe I just hope) that people will react positively to Buffy/Angel references or not at all. I don't see there being much scope for negative impact.

I have a number of friends who were fans of Buffy or Angel but knew nothing of Serenity till I started talking about arranging a group trip to the cinema. I say 'were fans' in the sense that they have great memories of the shows but do not currently follow Joss' news on the internet. I would still be among their ranks if I had not got myself a home computer - and in those circumstances I would find the Buffy mentions a definite draw.

ETA: It's the Buffy/Angel references that I applaude rather than the picture. Having seen the film I agree that the poster does not really catch its atmosphere but that's a hard thing to do and I thought the same of the blue one.

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Those of you from Australia please correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Buffy & Angel more popular there with the mainstream than it is here in the US? If so, I can see why they'd want to feature the fact that it is the same creator who did both shows.

Now, for my opinion of the poster - it looks great for a movie poster but I don't think it feels at all like Firefly to me. River looks like she morphed into Buffy and Faith (Buffy's build and short skirt and Faith's hair and eyes) and Mal looks a bit like Angel standing there.
Perhaps I am in the minority, but I love it! Serenity should be there somewhere though.
I see that Purplehazel was posting as I was writing so that answers my speculation on the different audience/region different promoting thing.
I like everything there..EXCEPT River's body. It doesn't look like Summer's body. Its too photoshoppy. Ya know? But the rest is great.

I was just watching WWE Raw. And they showed a small ad for Serenity. Not a trailer but one of those "tonight's show was brought to you by" things. What ticked me off is that the picture on the screen was JUST the Serenity font. Thats not going to attract people. Why did they get rid of the chinese circle?
There are several things I don't like here - the prominence of River, the background (where is this anyway? and what's that thing behind Jayne - a sludge muffin monster?); but still . . . I like the expansiveness of it, the feeling of space, the aridity, and the fact that 5, rather than 2, of the crew are depicted. And while "aim to misbehave" doesn't really do it for me, it's better than that "future is worth fighting for" schtick. Not great, but I still prefer it to the US poster . . .
Well my 16 yr old LOVES it! (of course UIP have promised her a poster so that helps)
To be honest; not my cup of tea. But in truth, it isn't for me, it's for non fans.

In Australia I would say much of the cinema going public is between the ages of 15-35 and it'll catch them in an instant! Anyone under 20 will want to see it (see there's stuff blowing up) and anyone over 20 will most likely have heard about it before it comes out.
It's really nothing like Firefly and that's OK, cause as a movie poster, it will definately work.
I would definately look at that in a cinema and go see the movie just on that basis alone.
It looks like a kool sci/fi flick, a bit like Dune, count me in.
I think this is a better poster than the US poster. It will stand out more in a Cinema lobby and it has a more appropriate feel for both Firefly and Joss Whedon. The Image of River is a little over the top, but not inappropriate for the movie. Our big dam heroes out in the desert looks more appropriate to me than the US Blade Runner style poster.
I guess I'm in the minority here but I think they'd be stupid not to feature River as the main figure in the movie since she is all over the trailers & the viral marketing campaign. The plot of the movie does center around her, after all.

Comparing the trailers to the posters, I don't think anyone with just a passing thought of "Hey that looks pretty interesting" after seeing the trailer is going to make a connection to the poster if they've got River in Mal's spot on the poster instead of how it is. *shrug*

Just my two cents.

I like this poster a lot. The weapons River has are off but, knowing from the trailers that the Reavers make an appearance, it makes me think maybe River kicked some Reaver-butt. ;-)
I like the poster, with some reservations. The fact that the ship isn't there is a bit of a letdown, but I do like that feel of alienation and space. The image of Summer seems less photoshopped than the image that was on the cover of the Sydney Morning Herald last weekend. The fact that there are more crew is great, though of course would have liked all of them there.

I think that it will appeal to non fans, and that's who we want to come in - because the fans are already on board. I'm pretty happy with it.
Gotta say I don't like it. Mostly it just doesn't say Firefly/Serenity to me. And Mal really looks like Angel here. It could just be the resolution, but still. Also, 'Aim to misbehave' really put me off, sounds like a children's holiday comedy.

However, I'm seeing the movie in one month! yay! I wonder which poster will show up here in NZ?
Gahh! You guys!

It conveys nothing about the movie! Nothing about the heart or the story or the feel or the vibe. It's bland and generic and shallow. Everything Serenity is NOT. I know I'm being somewhat strident but I'm really torked by this... imagery.

*does the Paul Giomatti frustrated arm swing thingy*
It makes the film seem less sci-fi-ey. That would work here in Holland where sci-fi is desperately impopular in the theatres.
*does the Paul Giomatti frustrated arm swing thingy*

Hee hee.

Caroline I don't agree with you on the non sci/fi look.
It def has traces of Dune and dare I say even Star Wars (the desert).

[ edited by nixygirl on 2005-09-06 06:49 ]
can anyone here come up with a poster that will appeal to fans and non-fans alike? I think this is just fine for non fans and to me except there's no Serenity and the 4 are missing. I haven't seen the film but Firefly was an ensemble.
It def has traces of Dune and dare I say even Star Wars (the desert).

Neither of which, of course, makes sense for the movie.
That is true onetruebix. But I sppose it's just about getting bums on seats over here, and I do think this poster in Oz will do that.
It conveys nothing about the movie! Nothing about the heart or the story or the feel or the vibe. It's bland and generic and shallow. Everything Serenity is NOT. I know I'm being somewhat strident but I'm really torked by this... imagery.

Yeah I tend to agree. It really gives a totally different idea about what this is. It kinda looks like fan art to me. Especially with the 'interface-arrows' in the 'E's. What the hell is that supposed to be anyway? Mal is barely recognisable, the ship (after which the movie is NAMED) is completely absent, that tagline is horrible.... Too much of it is not 'beautiful in it's simplicity' but more 'a bit half-finished' if you ask me.

The plot of the movie may evolve around River, but if Serenity has any one 'main' character (and it doesn't, really), it's Mal. River's aspects as a young sexy ass-kicker has it's appeal to large groups and demographics, sure. But that doesn't mean she has to be THAT much more important than anything else in the movie! She's also mostly a mystery to everyone, including us, so she's hardly the person we identify with.

I really think putting Nathan a little more front'n center forward is a better idea. I agree with Joss this guy could/should be the next Harrison Ford.
Um...I'll be in bunk.
To me the desert landscape gives it both a western and sci-fi feel, which to me is appropriate. There is only so much a poster can do and I don't believe that a poster that is more fan friendly would sell the movie to non-fans as well as this poster does.
Sure, nixygirl, but this poster suggest 'future' more than 'space' and 'big' rather than 'small'. Well, it does to me, anyway.
I like it, it is fun and kind of exciting looking. Of course I'm glad we have the US blue version hanging in my local movie theater....
this poster suggest 'future' more than 'space' and 'big' rather than 'small'.

Yea you do have a point there. I sppose that's sci/fi tho, but yea, not your traditional type.

I really hate the tagline on it. However it is better than the other one. I saw one with 'Time for some thrilling Heroics' and I thought that was a much much better tagline! I wish they'd used that hey.
I really hate the tagline on it. However it is better than the other one. I saw one with 'Time for some thrilling Heroics' and I thought that was a much much better tagline! I wish they'd used that hey.

Except that's from the series.
I adore this poster. Gives it a very Dune and more classic sci-fi feel. I think it will draw interest, which is the whole point, isn't it?
When I look at this one-sheet, I don't immediately think "crappy sci-fi B-movie," so it has the edge over the U.S. one.

And no Papyrus for us. Heh.
I can take the River-pose, except it doesn't look like her. She looks like Ripley; while I know Joss loves Ripley, that ain't who River is. The Mal-as-Angel comments are right on. What the hell is behind Jayne? Where is the ship? And why does Inara have a gun? I can get onboard with the fact that this is different, and they are trying to attract non-fans, but can't they do that and stay a little close to the spirit of the movie?

Also, to my eye, it seems a blatent attempt to make this look like Buffy.

But the one thing I do like is the logo. It looks like a logo, rather then something someone typed on a computer (former graphic artist, here. If I had used a straight, common font to create a logo, I would've had unhappy clients).
As I've said before, whether I personally like it or not is irrelevant. If I were walking by this poster it would grab my attention immediately, just as it did when I loaded the page.

I also get a sense that these people really do handle these weapons, whereas too many movie posters with kick-ass poses are just so much BS (you can quote me . . . , yup). Also those are not Star Wars-type weapons or Trekian clothes, which makes for a real unusual contrast with the futuristic element playing in the background.

Damn right I'd keep an eye on this movie after seeing the poster.
It is certainly more original and attention catching than the US poster. My first reaction was the Bee Gee's "Staying Alive" but then I've only just woken up. Now that I've had my coffee, I quite like it. I'm assuming this is the international poster as opposed to just being the Australian version.
Wow. That poster is gleefully on crack. Egad!
Oh... weird... I mean, I like weird... It's just not what I would have expected... I really get those Pitch Black comparisons now, I mean, just look at the poster.
Did anyone look at the credits at the bottom? It lists as Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau and Chitewel Elfejor.

What about Jewel, Gina, Morena, Sean and Ron!
The UK will be getting a new one sheet poster, probably similar to this.

Buffy was huge and very mainstream in the UK (it was one of the top ranking shows here at one point, which a lot of people don't seem to remember).

PS: The US version also has the same credits.

PPS: The movie Serenity is being compared to in terms of box office? Pitch Black.

[ edited by gossi on 2005-09-06 10:22 ]
PPS: The movie Serenity is being compared to in terms of box office? Pitch Black.

Not especially hopeful:

Domestic: $39,240,659 (73.8%)
+ Overseas: $13,947,000 (26.2%)
= Worldwide: $53,187,659
I don't have figures to back me up, but didn't Pitch Black make most of its money through video sales?. I've lost count how many different DVD releases there have been (3, 4?). And there was a Pitch Black 2 wasn't there (hint, hint). And R rated movies don't gross the sort of figures PG-13 does. And I'm starting to desperately grab at reasons for Serenity to succeed.
I think it made a killing on video and DVD. Which led to the sequel being green lighted.
So I was right about more posters.
I remember Gina talking about poster shoots, from her interview to "The Signal" podcast.
Neat. I like this better than the "blue-ish" poster. Though I do miss the rest of the crew. I want Wash, Kayle, Simon and Book to be on the poster too.
Pitch Black vs Serenity comes from internal industry gossip doing the rounds (of which there is a lot about Serenity, in the UK -- as of now it's had more industry screenings than any other movie in the UK). If Serenity gets those sort of numbers, with DVD factored in, it'd be home and dry -- DVD, for this genre, normally accounts for more money made than the actual BO amount nowadays.
More strange doings at the US box office this year. Transporter 2 just made over $20 million its opening weekend, compared to the total US box office of only $25 million for the entire run of the first movie.
And is the biggest labor day opening despite hurricane katrina.
This poster does indeed look cheerfully on crack. Uh, it reminds me strongly of late '60s post-apocalyptic science fiction, just as the genre was slowly climbing out of the pulps. It looks like the cover to an interesting dime store SF novel from the '60s. I can't stop staring.
Finally figured out what the poster reminds me of. I was way off with the Bee Gees. For some ungodly reason only known to the dark recesses of my mind, it's very reminscent of the Spice Girls' video for "Say You'll Be There".
I kind of like it but think it would have been better if River looked a bit more like River, rather than a super-model in a weird action pose. Also since they have gone ahead and shown members of the crew in the background, I think there is room in the poster to shown the rest of the crew, even if they are far off in the distance. Another cool addition, could have been get rid of that strange building in the background and placed Serenity there. At that point I think the poster would have been perfect.

I do like the new font for Serenity and I think "They Aim To Misbehave" is a bit better tag line than "The Future Is Worth Fighting For".
So I guess that makes River as Scary Spice, Inara as Posh Spice, Zoe as Sporty Spice, Mal as Ginger Spice and Jayne as...Baby Spice?!?!?!?

Personally I can't wait for their rendition of "Spice up your life"
Careful, Apocalypse. There's a fan music video in there somewhere.
Everytime I look at this poster I think Angel is standing behind River! But overall I like the poster. I like the Serenity logo. I have not seen the movie yet but I get the message that River is the main focus of the movie so it makes sense to put her up front. A two hour movie does not allow for all the characters of Firefly ( a 16hr TV season?)to get used and developed, so naturally some of the characters will fall to the background.

Did anyone look at the credits at the bottom? It lists as Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau and Chitewel Elfejor.

The billing makes sense to me. Nathan is the lead. Alan and Adam are more recognizable box office names since they have had roles in other films. Summer's character is driving the story (from what I hear). And I guess Chitewel Eflejor is a up and coming talent who has some name recognition.

I agree that the Buffy and Angel reference should not be on the poster. Fans of those shows know who Joss is and know about Serenity. Non-fans may turn off on the movie because (as stated earlier) they think it is about vampires.
gossi, that truly would be a site to behold!
Hmmm, I'll have to get back to you with an opinion. Not what I expected...
A bit late, but...this is even worse than the US poster...which is saying a lot. On the plus side, the tagline is immeasurably better. But River's preeminence is disturbing, and, as was mentioned early on, the whole thing smacks of video-gaminess. Hell, I liked that retro poster "Space Pirates on the Run!" that I have as a t-shirt better.

Speaking of taglines, wouldn't "They can't take the sky from me" be better, and more evocative of the whole FF/Serenity thing?
I'm torn, I think I actually prefer the US poster. Interestingly I showed it to 2 of my non-Whedonesque but big Firefly flan friends, one who's seen Serenity and one who hasn't and they both loved it.
While I like the general composition of this better than the US poster, I am with those of you who don't like the prominence/Buffy-ness of River, and it totally lacks the feel of Firefly/Serenity. The colors are too cool and distancing, and the atmosphere too arid. Sadly, I don't think either this or the US poster captures the essence of the film while being visually compelling.
palehorse is right, in my opinion...there is no goodness here, in either poster.
I like it! It says cool and fun.
One of the eye opening things about these posters and the trailers has been the disagreement about things amongst people. The font is rubbish, the font is good. The logo is rubbish, the logo is good. The cast should be present, no they shouldnít. The tag line is rubbish, no itís great.

Iím not saying disagreement is bad, itís just opened my eyes as to how people who watch the same things view them in different ways.
That's why they make 3...uh...31...I mean many flavors of ice cream, Gossi. ;-)

My first reaction to this poster was, "Oh, yuck!"

I understand I am not the targeted demographic so what I think doesn't matter, but I do worry that it is being presented as something that it is not and will therefore create disappointment amongst those going to see a futuristic psycho killer movie and miss the people who would really enjoy it.
Very true Gossi. But the font and tagline are both rubbish on this. ;)
If I walked passed this poster with no knowledge of the Firefly/Serenity 'verse, I'd make a point *not* to see it. And considering I'm dead center in the target audience (male, 20), that's not a good thing.

[ edited by The Dark Shape on 2005-09-06 17:57 ]
I have a number of friends who were fans of Buffy or Angel but knew nothing of Serenity till I started talking about arranging a group trip to the cinema. I say 'were fans' in the sense that they have great memories of the shows but do not currently follow Joss' news on the internet. I would still be among their ranks if I had not got myself a home computer - and in those circumstances I would find the Buffy mentions a definite draw.

I agree here. There are a lot of people out there who are Buffy and/or Angel fans who know little to nothing about Firefly and don't spend precious hours pouring over this stuff on the internet. They would be drawn to a movie by the creator of Buffy and Angel. Until two years ago, I would have fit into that category as well.

One of the eye opening things about these posters and the trailers has been the disagreement about things amongst people. The font is rubbish, the font is good. The logo is rubbish, the logo is good. The cast should be present, no they shouldnít. The tag line is rubbish, no itís great.

Iím not saying disagreement is bad, itís just opened my eyes as to how people who watch the same things view them in different ways.

Which is the what we have to keep in mind, gossi. Nobody is ever going to create anything that everybody agrees on - so you just have to try to find the best way to hook people who will respond. Even though I'm not a teenager or a male, I would probably notice this poster more than the US poster. I actually don't mind that an image of Serenity isn't on the poster, because that is the least interesting aspect of the movie to me. Plus, it might be good to avoid images of flaming penises on posters.

Also, featuring everybody on the cast on the poster could make it too busy - and I get the impression they wanted something stark and focused. Very few movie posters actually portray or credit everyone in the cast. It doesn't mean they won't be in the movie. It just means the producers and PR people aren't as anal as a rabid cult following.
I actually think it's nice. It's good that we have multiple posters so everyone will be satisfied by at least one of them. I think in terms of sheer uniqueness this poster is much better, it looks quite unusual and I think it will definitely appeal to people who are fans of action, sci-fi and something a little bit different.

I do think they could have included the other cast members, perhaps went with the same style in a landscape poster, which could accomodate all of them. But who knows, perhaps for the poster that would be too cluttered, although it would be nice to see the other characters on it, I don't mind as long as they feature in enough of the film.

I think having someone like Book would make it a little more interesting as people may wonder why there is a preacher there, also if Inara didn't have a gun she would look a little more interesting, instead they all look like they're ready to kill. I think Inara could be bigger, too, because although Firefly fans can tell who it is, it would be very difficult for anyone else to see her face.

On the whole, I think perhaps this poster is better for promoting the film and I like it a little more, although I do like the other one. And I do think it deserves "From the Creator of Buffy and Angel." And anyone who thinks that their friends or relatives may be put off by the fact that it is associated with those beloved programs, just don't tell them. Hopefully they will see the film, enjoy it immensely, then tell them, and they will be more likely to respect Buffy and Angel.
My first thought?

River must have heard someone yelling "Mamoushka!"
(congrats to all five of you who get that Addams Family movie joke)
Someone photoshopped this poster and put the rest of the BDHs along with Serenity in it. It's interesting.
Hooray, I was one of the five that got BAP's Addams Family reference!!

Not at all sure about this poster, really can't tell if I love it or hate it. Very different to what's come before.

Really not sure about having the "From the creator of Buffy and Angel" on there, the people that liked those shows, loved those shows and realized what well written TV it was. Some of the people I know that didnt like the show saw it as a chance for men to see an attractive young woman doing high kicks and wearing low tops, and Angel as the equivelant show that women could watch, the others just thought they were crap and I know for a fact will not give any consideration to paying to see a film created by the same guy.
I think this is a great poster, it continues the thread presented via the 5 internet clips featuring River. I think all the women of Serenity are beautiful but Summer is something special and the folks behind the ads realize it! Those of us who love and appreciate Joss' work will go see the movie...that's a given. There are many young males out there who will take one look at this poster and respond as my friend did yesterday..."me like, who is that girl??" We get those guys into seats in large numbers and we're home free! Sexy, dangerous women remain a powerful turn-on...why else would Charmed be entering it's 8th year?
Serenity is missing from the poster. That's why it's rubbing me the wrong way! Where's our gorram space-ship?
I think this poster is terrible. It does look a bit too Photoshoppy for my tastes, and doesn't really convey the tone of the film at all. I liked the US poster, which is darker and more moody, much like the movie itself.

The marketing for the film is really starting to worry me. Where are the TV ads? With the return of Lost and the premieres of a few other possibly hit sci-fi/fantasy shows coming up in the next few weeks, Universal would be wise to buy some commercial time. I can't think of better promotion than running Serenity promos during Lost.
Now all River needs is to be holding either a hunga munga or a scythe and her transformation from crazy girl into a slayer is complete.
No need to worry about the TV ads yet. It's standard practice for a film this size not to start running TV spots unitl two weeks prior to release. Expect to see some starting on Sept. 16th.
I actually forgot to mention before, I agree that perhaps the Buffy/Angel reference is unnecessary. Most of the people who would by enticed by that fact are probably very loyal Buffy and Angel fans who are probably already aware of the existance of Firefly and Serenity, whether they will be going to see it or didn't like Firefly.

So in that sense, that tagline isn't needed as most fans of Joss's shows will either already want to see it or already decided Firefly was not their cup of tea. You never know how the rest of the audience will react. Either they will have the typical reaction that Buffy and Angel were ridiculous shows with attractive people in them, and dismiss Serenity as the same, or perhaps people will remember Buffy and Angel, or at least the positive critical praise they receieved, and be enticed, even if they didn't watch them or only did so casually. Going to see a movie is different than buying a DVD boxset.

But I think the fact that it is there at all is nice, personally while I think it could have some negative impact (which is no reflection of the awesomeness that was Buffy and Angel) it should be there as a testament to Joss's work. My only other worry is that even if people aren't put off by the Buffy mention, River's whole pose may actually do that as they will think it's just Buffy in the future or something. Whilst we know how River and Buffy are two completely different individuals, they should be careful not to make them too similar in the marketing campaign.
To me the only function of a poster is to catch the eye and make someone aware the movie being advertised is coming soon or showing now. Perhaps I'm an exception, but I've never seen or not seen any movie based on the content of the poster. For instance, how many folks here would decide whether to see The Constant Gardener based on the poster? Don't you seek out online or other sources of information to help make the decision? I'm just not convinced a poster, unless there's something extremely objectionable about it, makes much difference.
TV adverts *ARE* scheduled to start September 15th in the US. Definitely. 2 weeks prior is also standard practice for movies -- the exceptions are big movies like War of the Worlds and Star Wars (Serenity is nowhere near in that budget league).
There seem to be a plethora of taglines for this movie. I did not like "The future is worth fighting for" until one fan said that she understood it to mean that Mal, who lost all faith in anything after the war, has finally found something worth believing in and fighting for. This is someone who has not seen the movie, but because of the tag line believes that this is what the movie is about. Suddenly I liked it better.
I like the poster!
I got to see this poster up close at the official Dutch premiere tonight, and it is a nice poster, having a certain, how can I put it, calm but poised for action feel to it. However I do think it is a nice poster for a different movie. For example based on this poster I would not expect spaceships to appear. I fear that if someone were to see the movie based on this poster (s)he might be disappointed, because the movie would be different than expected, even though at another time (s)he might have really liked the movie.

OT: Nathan watched the movie sitting 6 places away from me (though for some reason he left half an hour before the end).

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Is this thread kind of spoilery?
Getting a little bit spoilery, yeah. Given the number of surprise screenings, and sneak previews, and press showings, it may be hard to remember that there are some very ardent, very unspoiled flans out there who have not yet had the opportunity to see the movie. But - let's use caution and inviso-text, folks.

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