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September 06 2005

Serenity to be shown at Swedish Fantastisk Filmfestival on September 25th. According to the organisers, this is "Scandinavia's largest film festival for fantastic film" so good publicity for the movie.

I think we have at least one Swedish poster here, hopefully this is open to the public.

Plus, Lund is like a thirty minutes drive from Copenhagen (Denmark), so no more excuses for me.

But yeah, wonder if the closing ceremony is open to the public - probably is... while it may be the largest festival for fantastic film in Scandinavia (can't think of others), it's not exactly the Berlin or Cannes festival. Otherwise I'll just have to do the usual thing and get press accreditation =)

Thanks for the heads up, Simon!
Thanks for the info Simon, never heard of this festival before.
Wrong part of the country for me though and since I'm not quite f(l)anatic enough to travel to Lund to see the BDM I'm ok with waiting for the official premiere.
This is the best news since... I don't know... Really, I can't recall anything as great as this is atleast the last 3 years!! Sure, Lund is like 600 kilometres away and the train tickets might cost about 1000 kr ($140) in total but it's worth it if it means that I'll get to see Serenity 2 months earlier. How can I sign up?!?!

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According to this page on the website you can only buy tickets at the Festival Office. I think you may have to become a member as well.
Crap, how the hell will I be able to do that... Dammit... Should get ahold of a phone number somewhere.
Good luck, Djungelurban.
YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! I did it!!! I freaking did it! They're gonna hold on to a ticket for me until I can get it for when the screening is! It's so very amazing, I can't quite believe it! I'm gonna see Serenity! Frak me, I'm gonna see Serenity! Oh, headspinn! It's like a merry-go-round inside my head at the moment... Come on, breathe... Breathe... Lower pulse... Ok, let's relax...
Better stop writing now before I start to go out of control again. Cause I really can feel it creeping up on me again!

Oh, and thanks jaynelovesvera! :)

[ edited by Djungelurban on 2005-09-06 13:11 ]
Good for you :).
Heck, it is not as if I miss Sweden enough as it is!! Last week they ahd the so-called "Flim Days" in Malmo, 5 days when the Swedish movie biz displays ther upcomming films. I was sad to hear from ny brother that they did not show Serenity....I guess they saved it for Lund.

How many Swedes are there here??
Congratulations Djungelurban! Be sure to tell us all about it, maybe some of the BDHs will be there (maybe Joss will be there!). This is very cool. You know? I'm thinking that it might be a good thing 'Serenity' waited to be released, I'm not sure it would have gotten half this attention last April.
Djungelurban, does that merry-go-round in your head revolve clockwise or counter-clockwise, 'cause when those aliens who kidnapped me last year wanted my permission to put one in my head, I only agreed when they promised I'd be the only one with the counter-clockwise model?...
Well, it has stopped now, but when it was going it definitely had a clockwise motion. :)
Thank God. For a while there I thought I'd been had.

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