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September 06 2005

WWE Serenity Sweepstakes. World Wrestling Enterainment have a shiny comp.

Link thanx to Weej at SenOz.

That makes me giggle :)
Wow, so Jayne and Mal are going to wrestle? I'm entering!
I think it said Kaylee and the winner, but I could be reading it wrong.
I thought it was Glory!
This is great! I've been a big fan of Vince for decades...his WWF (now WWE) is the leader...actually the only major player professional wrestling in the States! Talk about a core of rabid fans...and turning them on to "Serenity" can only be described as "shiny"! Vince is a marketing genius, he built his father's regional organization into the world leader and, forgetting about his venture into pro football (anyone can make a mistake), his business sense is unmatched!
Oh my. Serenity is really making it in all the promotional tours. This was the last place I would've expected to see it. I agree, this is great (and I'm giggling too).
Speaking of mad Serenity promotion, Kirsty (my partner in crime on the UK Serenity documentary) is in LA at the mo and sent this:

"Hi guys, I'm still in LA but thought I would let you know that there are Serenity posters everywhere and it's not out until the end of the month. I went to Universal Studios on Thursday and they have a massive Serenity poster on the wall just as you walk in. On the tour you can see loads of massive billboard style posters on the exterior of the sound studios.

Safe to say that Serenity is being pushed here. I know it's LA and they have a big movie going population, but there are some serious Serenity posters, and even the Universal tour bus has decals for Serenity on it."
I'm not a wrestling fan, but I've known a few, and they all loved ass-kicking women. This could be seriously shiny.
I atill say Adam Baldwin could make a good WWE character, complete with the "Hero of Canton" theme
Jayne would definitely be a pro wrestling fan; he'd probably think it was "real." ;)
Ummm... Think it was "Real"... How much more real can you get??? ;)
Jayne would be an even bigger fan of UFC Fighting. Now that shit's real.
It's nice to see some cross-promotion, and I really think that with any film, if the studio spends plenty of money on good marketing then it will be successful, as long as the film is good enough to back it up. Of course it is a very unpredictable industry, but generally it works. Examples of those most likely to do poorly despite a good marketing campaign are those that are critically panned all round (think Gigli or Catwoman) or are just too unconventional for the bulk of the audience.

I think Serenity should do well because it has a dedicated group of fans behind it, a decent advertising campaign, and is a good film. It's original but not so unusual as to alienate a lot of people.
I think the point here is to get the WWF fans behind 'Serenity'. That's good...I think.
Please! Madhatter! It's WWE. The World Wildlife Fund had a big court battle over it. ;)
And I can't wait till people stop asking me if I am a wrestler everytime I wear my World Wildlife Fund Hat!

And back to BIG promos - we have a Serenity poster covering half a building at a big intersection in Toronto. Very cool!
You do? Photos, photos Lioness! ;)
Yes Lioness, I want to see photos too!
GREAT to see the cross promotion. It's fun to think what WWE fans will think when they see the banner, which looks like the ad for a wrestling championship bout... ;)

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