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September 06 2005

Changes to the Line-Up of 'Prime' - The Final Starfury Buffy/Angel convention. Nicholas Brendon and Elizabeth Anne Allen have had to pull out of the last ever Starfury convention due to the former's filming schedule with 'Kitchen Confidential' and the latter expecting her first baby!

I've had a quick check through the archives and I couldn't see this posted, but I don't keep up with the conventions much so this may have been posted before.

Congratulations to Ms. Allen!
It's a shame for those attending that Nick had to pull out, but these things happen. It would be nice to have one of the main characters there, but there are plenty of recurring guests there to entertain most fans.

And I would also like to congratulate Elizabeth Anne Allen. A very talented actress and I wish her good luck in the future!

I find it hard to adjust to the fact that a lot of the actors from Buffy and Angel are married and having children, when their characters would still be younger than they are. Stephanie Romanov had a baby recently too, if I remember correctly.
I hope her extended stint as a rodent doesn't have a deleterious effect on the child.
Congrats to Nick, also!
Any ideas why this is the final Buffy/Angel convention?

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