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September 06 2005

One of Joss' fave films, Night of the Comet, to have sequel. This low-budget 80s film is, in tone at least, the real first Buffy movie.

In case anyone's wondering about the influence of the movie on Joss, click here to find out more.
Thanks, Simon, for adding that link. Have you seen NotC?
No I haven't, it's not even available to buy here in the UK. Maybe with the sequel being announced, it'll get released.
I saw this movie on HBO or Cinemax about 9 years ago. It was pretty..weird.
It's not even on DVD in the states; it only had a VHS release. Despite the low budget, it's in my top five films of the 80s.
There is a lovely speech about connecting in interview Simon linked.
I LOVED this movie when I was a kid...I would really like to see it again as an adult.
If I recall correctly, the original print for Night of the Comet was lost, at least according to some of the actors. The article references a fairly good, but hard to find film, Night of the Creeps, that most BtVS fans will enjoy.

"And if Bachelorette Number One isn't out here in half a tick, I'm gonna ice Bachelorette Number Two."
And in another Jossverse connection, David Miller - who did makeup on Angel for one season- did the makeup effects for "Night of the Comet." *beams*
I never saw this film. In fact I never heard of it until some time ago when I read the interview Simon linked to. Too bad it isn't on DVD. From what you have said here, it is worth a look.

And, as futile said, there is a wonderful section on connecting in the interview linked. It's one of my all-time favorite Joss quotations, even if I don't always live up to the sentiment: It made me realize, at that moment, that every time somebody opens their mouth they have an opportunity to do one of two things connect or divide. Some people inherently divide, and some people inherently connect. . . .
I saw Night of the Comet when it came out on cable in the 80's, and I'm pretty sure I've got it on tape ... somewhere ...

Pretty good "B" movie as I recall.
I loved this movie...don't know why, but I always remember watching it whenever it was on..
And Ocular....Night of the Creeps is also one of my faves...
how funny...that i could watch those movies, and be amused, while JW watches it and becomes inspired...

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