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July 14 2002

Paper/essay on witchcraft in Buffy Since in season 6 there was alot of magic floating around, I thought this paper from the first batch at might be interesting to some who haven't yet read it...It does wander from it's topic at times, but still a good read.

Definitely lots of good readage at, if you like to read long texts online (I do).
"They change word order and form, transform adverbs into adjectives, and adjectives into nouns, deftly utilize metaphor and metonym, and insert pop culture references where necessary."

grammar much?

"The community created by Witches, like all communities, constructs a past that is applicable to their present and that helps them create a future.." I've long held the belief that modern Wicca is not so much a true re-creation of ancient pagan worship as it is a near bastardization of same. It incorporates scraps of the past which survived millenia of persecution and censorship, but only keeps what works today and dismisses what does not. This is not unlike the use of astrology today. Originally astrology was calculated under the now incorrect assumption that the Earth was the center of the universe. One questions the validity or even the functionality of such ancient suppositions, but then the same can be said of the Judeo-Christian Bible, or the Quran. Modern Wicca may actually be MORE viable for some, because it has adapted the past in response to the present and with eyes on the future.

With all that said, I do not believe Willow is a true "Wiccan" in any realistic or fictional sense of the word. She was born jewish, and though she uses the tenets of paganism as it suits her, she's never publically denounced her God. Perhaps she's merely hedging her bets, casting spells to Hecate or Osiris in hopes that Jehovah won't take it personally. She also does not behave in a way that would appease most pagan fans of the series. She's no role model, and neither true pagans nor the uninitiated alike who happen to be Buffy fans should misconstrue the character of Willow as an ideal representation of the modern Wiccan practitioner.

Besides, I've dated some pagans in my time and have never known them to be able to shoot electricity from their fingertips, although that might have made foreplay a bit more entertaining. =)

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