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September 06 2005

Serenity premiere in Amsterdam. (Pics and Dutch commentary) Nathan and Summer attended the low key premiere of Serenity on Tuesday (9/6), welcomed by 50 (mainly) Dutch Browncoats and a straggle of Dutch press, 'celebs' and UIP associates.

The film won't go into general release in this country until November. Interest seems low and the release has been moved around quite a bit to satisfy theatre owners. Sci-fi & pop culture aren't popular here and tv series in general aren't considered art or taken seriously at all. (I was thinking, instead of saying 'by the maker of Buffy and Angel, that new poster should have had 'by the writer of Speed and Toy Story' on it. That would attract an audience here.) Celeb and press turn out was pretty low.

You'll find my pictures in the Whedonesque pool at Flickr. (slideshow)

Summer signed quite a few things for the fans on the red carpet, while Nathan seemed to be more in a hurry. They were fashionably late as it was.

The two of them were introduced to the crowd by a man who didn't introduce himself. He then did a brief interview with Summer and Nathan in which he rather exaggerated Dutch interest in the phenomenon, as well as the size of the fanbase. So he must have been a UIP employee.

Summer admitted to being very shy as she stumbled over UIP-guy's first question (explain the success, yadda yadda yadda) and Nathan clowned around quite a bit, which lightened things up nicely. Nathan said Joss was a bit like a father figure, but also a goofy younger brother that you can make fun of. Near the end of the interview, Nathan pretended to spoil part of the film. You'll see in the pictures where he's got his hand clasped over his mouth.

An intro by Joss was played before the film in which Joss praised the fans for being inclusive and understanding that his work belonged to everybody, and just not the happy few. It's not a cult, it's a movement. Which was funny because I had been talking to a young man waiting in line at the red carpet who would have preferred the new poster to appeal to 'people like us' rather than 'the masses'.

Then we watched Serenity. It was my second time and I thoroughly enjoyed it again. Was moved and excited in all the right places once more.

Summer and Nathan had sat down to watch the film with us, but they left about two third into the film.

Audience response was a little muted at the start - a lot of the Browncoats had already seen the film. I noticed the quick jokes, the language quirks didn't seem to evoke a reaction (the translation was good but lacked a lot of the funny) unless they were given space (a few beats, so it sank in). It could be people didn't understand, or it could be everybody was wrapped up in the film. At the end of the film, quite a few people applauded. Wash drew the most laughs, I think, and Jayne a good second.

I didn't linger long, went straight back to process my photos, so I may well have missed a meet 'n' greet in the lobby, I don't know. Which I'm fine with - it's not really my thing.

Nope, you dindn't miss any meet 'n greet, don't worry :) The premiere was simply great. Got myself some autographs from Nathan and Summer (and thanked Nathan for the post he did on earlier today). Plus, it's always a delight to hang out with the other dutch browncoats. Browncoats are great people.

The movie was fantastic, even more so the second time. The reactions were quite tame, I agree, I don't know why that was. I think most people were just 'into' it a little too much.

But from talking to a couple of people afterwards, I get the impression that the movie was well received.

Anyway, a great time was had by all. Also: great pictures!
Subtitles, right? Not dubbing I hope! Hubby says the Dutch don't usually dub, but I'm just curious.
Yes, subtitles. Only films for children are dubbed, thank J-ss.
Serenity will heal the planet.

Well, maybe not, but it's a nice thought.

Seen 2 pre-screenings in DC, and am absolutely craving to be in a movie theater in just a few weeks...nice photos, by the way.
Double posted somehow...sorry, all.

But, I do hope Serenity will heal the planet!

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Oh just remembered a funny bit. When the first few guests arrived, two or them who were journalists caught a glimpse of the pictures some of the fans had brought to have signed. And genuinely seemed ticked off their own press folder hadn't contained pictures that good.

Also, two other guys were watching the line up around the red carpet and when they figured out it was fans having stuff signed they said to each other: 'But they don't get to see the movie, and we do!'

Ha, there wasn't anybody there who didn't have a ticket in their pocket.
Caroline, your pictures are exquisite. Nathan's obviously reaching out to the European intello audience with his new glasses look, while this picture of Summer has to be one of the most ethereally enchanting things I have ever seen.
Sorry to be so off topic but I just found out that the NZ date for Serenity is now November 10th. Due to a Distribution Error it is now no longer the October 6th date that has been on all movie websites here. A whole month more to wait and avoid spoilers. I'm not sure I can do it.

On another note, I love your pictures from the serenity premiere Caroline :)
Does anyone else think Nathan looks different than Mal?? I can't explain it, but he's the only one of the cast that I don't "see" his character when I look at him.

Perhaps I'm crazy.
Nathan is completely different to Mal in person, in character..
That's true of most, if not all, of the cast, though. Morena is certainly different to Inara, Jewel is more sarcastic than Kaylee, Adam is nicer and smarter than Jayne, Summer is... well, sane. But I guess that's what comes across; he just puts off a completely different "vibe" when he's in character. Pretty impressive, really.
Wow!! Great pictures. Thanks for the pictures, and the report.
Grrrr Flickr is having a massage, guess I'll have to wait to see the pics. Great write up :).
Bluddy Flickr... here's my favourite, on my own photo site.
That is a lovely pic of Summer.

Shucks, I'm impressed, if Summer and Nathan flew all the way from H'wood for the Amsterdam premiere.

Flickr still under the masseuse's strong and sensuous hands . . .

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That's a lovely pic Caroline, thanks for sharing it.
I hate those pictures, I couldn't be there :pout:
Hmm. I'm wondering what kind of response Serenity will get here in Finland. As far as I know, there are no preview screenings and the premiere is also in late November. Firefly was shown quite soon after it's American airings and things have been silent after that. Science fiction though is quite respected genre and conventions are lively and don't have such nerd-stigma as I see in reports from some other countries. Science fiction here usually means written words; series and movies are understood as dumbed down versions.

I find it hard to imagine very vocal response except laughter for anything in movies and I'm pretty sure I would be distracted and a bit embarassed by fellow fans doing hollering and applauding during movie - it's a cultural thing. Critics in main papers also have not been very understanding for any movies with both explosions and emotions, it is usually required either/or. I except safe three star ratings, (two from the another-scifi-movie, plus one from the heart) as much as I'd be loving it.

On second thought, there will be Night Visions -festival in Helsinki around Halloween and now I'm betting BDM will premier there. No program has been published yet, but it fits right into it. (Horror, sci fi, cult and fantasy movie festival).
Caroline, your photos are absolutely gorgeous. They are the most beautiful ones of Summer I've ever seen. They could/should be her (more artful) working headshots. Truly lovely. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks! They are a little bit too grainy for the big league (which you can see when you view the larger files), I think, but I'm well pleased with them.

I forgot to tell about the promo girls that UIP brought in. There were two, well, let's say 'healthy girls' wearing combat gear (khaki shorts, boots) and toy machine guns (!). They were handing out black baseball caps to the audience.
Drifter, I think Nathan and Summer didn't fly back and forth to LA between their appearance in France, last weekend and their appearance here in A'dam. Still, it is nice they stayed in Europe for a while.

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