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September 07 2005

The Week In Whedon. "A weekly podcast of news highlights of news highlights from the expansive works and related universe of Joss Whedon". This is great stuff, very highly recommended.

It's a (married?) couple talking about Joss stuff, it's great, I love it. They even pick out highlights from posts at, the Browncoats forum and even Whedonesque.

I love the title and the graphics. A few days ago I was prattling on about the silliness of some of these fan based podcasts--I guess I now definitely need to eat my words. How very humbling.
Excellent find, Simon. A very enjoyable read. Thanks!
It's become cult listening for me.
I've listened to almost all of them. It's funny when they start mentioning, things from here, it always make me feel sort of proud.
They actually read SNT's whole nickname the other day. It was cool, in "Hey, I know these people". Maybe it's because I live kind of outboards where things are happening, so I'll always feel that these things as very neat.
Wh-which nickname now? I don't do podcasts, but . . . can someone inform me as to the context of said name-checking? (In fact, e-mailing me directly is probably a good idea, lest the thread get clogged with encomiums . . . which now that I write it, sounds rather nasty).

Not that I'm vain or anything.
Don't worry SNT, wasn't anything tainting.

They were mentioning a link that you posted here at whedonesque.

So they read the full "SoddingNancyTribe" nickname in the cast, instead of just abbreviating to SNT, as a lot of us got used to writing lately.

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