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September 07 2005

Change of plans: Full screening of Serenity in Munich. Somebody must have been nice or someone wanted to be nice, so instead of just 40 min of Serenity everyone who makes it through the Firefly marathon in Munich this saturday will be able to see the full movie. Yep, everyone who didn't want to see just a third and then wait til almost December can now safely reserve a ticket.

Yay! Uip Germany finally gets some sense! ;) To everyone who is going there .. have fun cause the film is great!
Oh, I'm glad I got my ticket waiting for me and wasn't put off by it before. Staying awake will be the real trick though. But seeing how I have seen each episode at least 20 times already I'd rather take a few naps and be awake for Serenity. Just hope I don't snore *fg*
This is good. I thought the 40 minute thing was random. Why show 40 minutes when you can show the whole thing?
Fear. Fear is the path to the... erm... I mean, being scared that someone will sneak in a camera or whatever might be a reason. I remember talk that sounded like the didn't want to do any advance screenings for fear of bootlegs. Probably changed their mind, when every other civilized country had their umpteenth successful screening and nothing happened.
That's insane. The entire series plus the movie, all in one day. On a big screen. Lucky Germans.
I've gotten some of my Munich pals interested...this should totally seal the deal.

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