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September 07 2005

The Serenity Flanvention convention changes location. The first US Serenity convention to be held Dec 9-11, 2005 has moved from the Westin Century City to Burbank Hilton, which is just 10 minutes from Universal Studios.

The rooms are also 1/2 the price of the Westin and the Hilton offers free shuttle service from the Burbank airport and the Super Shuttle (aprox cost $33) from LAX.

That's fantastic, it's right up the street from me.
So does this make it any easier for some mysterious sugar mama to buy my way into the Flanvention?
Oh crap. The Westin is five minutes' walk from my new office. Burbank is totally not convenient. However, bearing in mind that most of you are much farther away, I shall resign myself to relatively silent moaning and throwing of small objects. And I suppose for those coming in out of town this may be a better option. Still, small suckiness for me.
Well given how expensive the Westin is, this is good news for those attending the Flan because you'll save a ton of money on your hotel bill. Am I correct in that even the shuttle service from LAX is free? For many people it will be cheaper to fly to LAX than Burbank.
To answer my own question, the Super Shuttle from LAX is $33. Oh well, that's cheaper than a cab ride.
So does this make it any easier for some mysterious sugar mama to buy my way into the Flanvention?

Yeah, I wanna know too. Where's my sugar daddy? ;)
Believe me, SoddingNancyTribe, I feel your pain. I chose to fly to LAX instead of Burbank because LAX was closer to the original site..and those internet flight offers are sooooooooo cheap. Well, at least I didn't reserve a hotel yet, so it's not a total loss. It should be a great shindig, nonetheless.
Well, thanks, impalerg. It's not a lot of pain really. And I certainly see the benefits for the flans. It's just that the location was the tipping point for my deciding to buy tickets, and I'm not at all sure how much of the flanvention I'm going to make it to now (was hoping to nip in and out of work). Ah well, not a huge deal in the grand scheme, yadda yadda.
Cool! The Hilton seems nice and I'll saving a lot of money. Can't wait till December. Yipee!!!!
impalergengeral actually it's the same price to get from LAX to the Hilton in Burbank as it is to get to the Westin in Century City.
Erg! I booked my flights into LAX... I wish I had known this earlier!

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