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September 07 2005

Adam Baldwin Central site is looking for Real Heros. They are working to raise money for the American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund. Also to celebrate the 9/30 premiere of SERENITY, they are giving away a copy of the soundtrack sampler.

From the Just Giving Site:

Our fees
Justgiving receives a small transaction charge which typically does not exceed 5% on each donation. The charity you have designated will receive your donation, less these fees. This fee structure is subject to change from time to time. Justgiving forwards donations to the charity at intervals as determined by Justgiving and the charity. Processing fees as charged by the credit card processing company are also deducted from the amount remitted to the charity. This amount is typically 2.35% but is subject to change as determined by the processing bank.

I really LOVE the sentiment behind these efforts and the money does go to the charity, just keep in mind that more of your money will get to the charity if you donate it to them directly.

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