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September 07 2005

(SPOILER) Dark Horse Comics Releases "Serenity" TPB in January '06. Collected edition will be released in January 26th, featuring a cover by Adam Hughes. You can check the preview pages for Serenity#3 which goes on sale tomorrow, September 8th. And click here to see the line art Adam Hughes has done for the cover and for a chance to win some of his artwork if you see Serenity on its opening weekend.

The following description was issued by Dark Horse, but it wasn't updated in their website yet. I'll update the link as soon as the official page containing the following solicitation description is availbale. Hopefully they'll include a glimpse to Hughes' finished cover art.

Adam may be better known by Whedon fans, as the artist responsible for the the "Once More, With Feeling" poster and all the portraits in the musical episode SOundtrack.

The description doesn't contain spoilers for the movie, but I opted to include a Spoiler Tag, since it contains Spoilers for the comic book mini series. Just in case, someone hasn't read the first 2 issues yet.




On sale January 25, SC, 104pg, FC, 7" x 10", $12.95

Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and scribe of Marvel’s
Astonishing X-Men, unveils a previously unknown chapter in the lives of
his favorite band of space brigands in this comics prequel of the
Serenity feature film—the big-budget follow-up to Whedon’s cult-hit TV show

Penned by Whedon and Brett Matthews, who wrote several episodes of
Firefly as well as Dark Horse’s final Angel comics series and the animated
Chronicles of Riddick feature "Dark Fury," Serenity follows a ship full
of mercenaries, fugitives, and one law-abiding prostitute in their
pursuit for fast cash and a little peace along the fringes of space. The
ragtag crew of Serenity take on a scavenger mission with the hopes of
earning enough dough to disappear for a while. Only too late do they
realize the whole gig is orchestrated by an old enemy eager to remake their
acquainitance with the help of some covert-operatives known only as the
Blue Gloves.

Artist Will Conrad (Marvel’s Elektra and Witches) and colorist Laura
Martin (Astonishing X-Men and The Ultimates) paint a rough and wild world
of adventure across a strange and dangerous universe, in this
not-to-be-missed tale straight from the brain of pop-culture mastermind Joss

• Look for the Serenity DVD release in spring 2006!


Wish I knew that the release date was pushed before I drove to the comic book store! Oh, well. One more day won't hurt. much.
Argh, I leave for SF on Friday. How am I going to get my Serenity #3 if it's not coming out today like it was supposed to?
Adam Hughes is also doing a lucky 'Serenity' ticket stub draw to win a piece of his artwork. There are details on his site

Nice way to promote the movie. See a great film and get a chance to win a wonderful piece of art.
The delay, I believe, it was due to the american labour day in monday, which delayed these things.
I'm following Diamond Distribution Date for the release, since if according to Dark Horse's website it even later. DH's website states that it will be released, friday, Sepetember 9th.
I got an email about the cover art and the comp, so I've added the appropriate link (which The Do That Girl) mentioned to your subject line.

Adam Hughes artwork is amazing.
The ticket stub draw is a good way to get people to go see it on opening weekend, too. As if I wasn't already gonna.

Love that art. Firefly/Serenity lends itself to comic form even better than I thought it would.
That's a wicked River cover. I just love how she's holding the gun.
The Adam Hughes cover looks incredible and I can't wait to see the final version in colour. I also love the fact that Adam Hughes put little fireflies in his artwork. I'm surprised no one has used that visual pun before (unless someone has and I just haven't seen it yet).

I imagine that the trade will read better than individual issues a month at a time. To me each issue feels like 15 minutes of a Firefly episode and it feels strange for them to be stretched over 3 months.

I can't wait to see how the mini-series concludes tomorrow! :)
wow, simon. Now, that's a looong subject line, and I was afraid what I wrote was already too long.

I'm really excited about this ticket stub drawing, really curious about the prize artwork Adam is giving out.
I'm very glad that a trade paperback is on the way as I was holding out for one as I'm not a big comic person so I like to have it all in a final book instead of collecting them seperately. However, as Serenity's release nears, I'm wondering should I perhaps buy one copy of the three issues in order to enhance my enjoyment of the film, perhaps. Or I could just wait for the TPB as a nice present which will break up another Joss drought.

I will definitely be getting the TPB regardless. I think I might get the seperate issues anyway, if they aren't sold out or anything.

I also think this ticket stub competition for the piece of artwork is very, very nice and I will definitely be entering. I also like that it's not just limited to residents of the US or anything, as many competitions are.
104pp for 66 pages of story? Even with all the covers included, that would leave room for some nice extras.

And I'm surprised to hear eveyone talking about a delay in the shipping of #3--I already got my copies today, while comics don't usually arrive here until Thursdays...
I cannot wait to see that Hughes art painted. I also like the little fireflys.

And the DVD is being released next spring, huh. Is that new, or have I been out of the loop with that? It makes sense, but it's the first official word I've heard about it.
I'm surprised to hear eveyone talking about a delay in the shipping of #3--I already got my copies today

Ah, and I'm still waiting for my preordered ish #2 copies to arrive . . .
I just got my pre-ordered #2 today and am damn annoyed with TFAW and how long it is taking them to get these out. I also would've preferred the TPB but I wanted to be able to read the story before the movie came out and at this rate I'll most likely be getting #3 well after the movie comes out. The first one also took an extremely long time for those of us who pre-ordered months ago to get them. I'm thinking of cancelling #3 and just ordering it off of someone on Ebay!
Gosh, bl, I'm so amazed at how long it took -- after reading of your plight in your Flickr thread. I almost ordered through TFAW, but then decided to chance it with my local stores. Since I had not purchased comics since I was a child, an ice age or two ago, I just lucked out with a guy who took total pity on me. (To cover my sheer noviceness, I must confess I got my copy of the first issue of Astonishing X-Men months ago posing as the grandmother of a non-existent grandson. I was more bold in identifying myself as the consumer for Serenity #1, desperate as I was for anything Joss-related. But I should also add what a pain in the ego it was to admit that I was in fact old enough to have a grandson old enough to appreciate anything Whedon.) At least you got #2 before #3 officially came out.
Just checked the TFAW website and it says #3 release date is tomorrow but they aren't planning on shipping until the week of the 14th (and that usually means the end of the week) so I am going to look into other options. Why they aren't shipping it out on it's actual release date makes no sense - and why it then takes another 20 days or so after that to arrive makes even less sense.
To those forced to endure an extra day's wait for Serenity #3, I recommend moving to Canada: I arrived home from work today greeted by a voicemail from the fine folks at The Comic Shop here in Vancouver, advising me that issue #3 is in, set behind the upstairs counter waiting for me until closing at 7pm. This was wonderful news, as I was going to call them today during my lunch break to see if it arrived but I chose not to upon reading this post's subject line ;-)
Anyway, I just returned from the store, issue #3 in hand and let me tell you, it does not disappoint!
As an aside, they also have tons of Whedon-y books there, like the Fray TPB, Once Bitten, Five Seasons of Angel, Bite Me, a few quality Buffy comic titles and Finding Serenity. They also have the Serenity action figures, all except 'Mercenary Jayne', but they did have the Reaver; impressive detail and kinda gross but cool to see it in person just the same!
Well I experienced something interesting in Toronto: issues 1 and 2 on the shelf are now double and triple the price! Kaylee cover: $9.95 (vs 4.25, I think); Inara, 14.95; Zoe $9.95. These were first editions, BTW.

And no River covers left, even though they were released Wednesday. None left in two stores I was in. While there were dozen or more of Simon's, and four or five of Wash.

Collector inflation?

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