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September 07 2005

Adam Busch's Common Rotation tour the US and UK. They are hitting clubs in the midwest & east coast of the US in September and then onto the England & Scotland shows in October. Also check out the trailer for their band's Documentary they have been filming over the last year.

Friday, September 9 2005
The Rudyard Kipling
Louisville, KY

Saturday, September 10 2005
Bomhard Theatre @ The Kentucky Center
Louisville, KY

Wednesday, September 14 2005
Acoustic Cafe
Bridgeport, CT

Saturday, September 24 2005
The Last Living Room Show
The Red Room @ Ren-Mar Studios
Hollywood, CA

Thursday & Friday, October 6-7 2005
The Troubadour

Saturday, October 8 2005
The Barfly
Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland is in the UK. :P :D
Shoot, they'll be in Scotland a week ahead of us... Seriously, though, KY, is not the midwest, you take that back!
Damn it, last time they toured they played Manchester but I was already going to another gig and this time no Manchester date :(
I still think Scotland should have it's FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!

Hey if Kentucky is not midwest what is it? I live in Ohio and it's concidered midwest.
They played Belfast a year or two ago but I think it was an over 18 gig so I couldn't go.
Its Kentucky and it must stand alone - muhuhahaha!! ;) They consider it the southeast around here, or part of that weird Tennessee Arkansas Mississippi Alabama five state area ;) So Ohio considers itself midwest? Is that because it would be confusing if we called you mideast? I never always thought of the midwest starting at Indiana/Michigan myself, but its very much interesting to hear what other people think. Its like the regional words that are so fun to find out about -- soda vs. pop vs. cola vs. cold drink vs. coke, etc.

update: This shirt supports your claim of Ohio as Midwest, but Kentucky has been DENIED!

update2: so this is partially on topic, CoRo was supposed to play at my house last year, but they picked up a gig with They Might Be Giants in town and moved the living room gig to a larger coffee house as the demand was too high for my house :)

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-09-07 22:04 ]
See, I would consider both Ohio and Kentucky midwest (reluctantly ;) ) and I am in Indiana. Pennsylvania is east coast and Tennessee is south.

I never thought about the fact that not everyone around here thinks that is common knowledge... How very strange!
Well, angellove, the tshirt is the most reliable source of knowledge in our society, so I think you have to give up on including Kentucky... (I couldn't stop laughing while I posted this).
*bows to the T-SHIRT*
For the sake of geopolitcal boundaries, I've amended the subject line.

Oh and btw 1-0!!!!!!!!

We beat the English.
We beat the English too...a long, long time ago.

And as Missourian who hates being called a Southerner, I agree that boundary labels are very important. Besides, everyone knows that the Kentucky/Tennessee area is just better called Appalachia! :~P
Rogue Slayer is right :)
Congrats Simon, just a shame we didn't do the same on sat :(

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