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September 07 2005

Joss Whedon DVD sale at I'm curious how Universal got 20th Century Fox to cut their DVD prices in half. I'm not complaining though!

Save up to 50% on Firefly and Other Joss Whedon DVDs

"With Serenity coming soon to theaters, it's a great time to save big while you catch up on the series that inspired it, Firefly."

just 40% on Firefly... still has cheaper firefly dvds for a few cents :) and that is everyday price.
Actually that price is kind of an illusion, in reality Amazon used to sell the Firefly DVDs for $34.99 and now they've cut them by $5 (a very good deal, but not an amazing one).
Ah, but Amazon offers free shipping. :) I noticed this link when Amazon showed a Joss Whedon ad on their DVD page. But when I refreshed the page, the Joss Whedon ad disappeared. Interesting advertising.

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These are very good deals. They may not be the lowest prices out there, but Amazon gets so much traffic, and with them advertising Whedon DVDs like this, well, how can this go wrong? Thanks for alerting us to this, Succatash. And you're right - free shipping is nothing to be sneezed at.

The Firefly DVDs are suddenly #19 at Amazon after being close to #30 for a day or so. Mayhap the slashed price has something to do with this?

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This is great, except I already own them all. Damn. Too bad the Buffy Collector's Set isn't half price! Then I would bite.
What? No Alien Resurrection? :-)
Ooh, an opportunity to pester my friends who don't own the Firefly set yet. "But it's on sale, how can you not?"
Once again,'s sister site to the north,, doesn't follow suit. Disappointing.

No matter how much you spend at, even though we're basically right next door, they don't offer super-saver free shipping.

This is really cool of though. I hope it turns on a bunch of new people to Whedon's work.
esg, there ya go hon! There's your spare Firefly set!
It seems that Fox and Universal are teaming up to promote Serenity and Firefly. What are the chances of a collector's edition DVD set that includes Firefly and Serenity together in fancy packaging?
Can I pre-order the Serenity Trilogy box set? The one with two whole discs of bloopers, behind the scenes footage and Joss interviews and commentaries?

I like thinking positivly.
Hmmmm, now I think I should start my Christmas shooping early. Joss goodies for everyone!
I like your thinking, zz9. I'm a glass half-full person myself. I actually want a membership of the Joss Whedon's films club to receive the continuing releases.
"I actually want a membership of the Joss Whedon's films club to receive the continuing releases."
I'd join that! Since I own them all, which 3 would I choose for that special introductory offer? Hmmmm

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