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September 08 2005

Joss Guests on Rove this Tuesday night. Offical Rove site link.

It's been mentioned before but this is the official link to Roves website. Some Oz BC's have kindly offered to upload the interview on the net afterwards. So keep an ear out.

Somebody please tape it,and put it on the web...if ya can.
Karl Rove has a TV show? The apocalypse is upon us.
brother_grady! Behave!
With the way 'Serenity' is picking up speed as the release date approaches, this will be one interview I'm really looking forward too.
Brother Grady stole my joke. Dang.
Boy, that Apocalypse sure gets around… ;)
brother _grady stole mine too! The fervent Rove bashing on American Dad is, in my opinion, the only redeeming thing about that entire series.
That's great! Usually it's the stars making the rounds to promote the film. I guess Joss IS the star in so many ways. By all means, somebody please find a way for the rest of us to enjoy this one (transcript, etc).
So ... the question we who are not in Australia are all wondering: When do we get to see him on "Late Night with Conan O'Brian"? ( or insert name of your favorite talk show). Heck, get him on all of them!!
I've got the equipment all setup ready to rip this. Between the Q+A and this it will be a looong night methinks.

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