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September 08 2005

"Reunion" begins airing tonight. Starring Alexa Davalos, (Gwen in 'Angel') the first episode premiering straight after 'The OC'. Starting in 1986, this original series follows a group of friends over 20 years. One of them is murdered and all 5 are suspects...

This had my favourite trailer out of every single Buffyverse related show. "Hey, Hey, Hey....Oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh."

Actually is double ME supporting alums night, if you think about it.

Besides featuring Alexa, "Reunion" is produced by Jon Harmon Feldman, who was the show runner for Eliza Dushku's "Tru Calling". Okay, that's not really Whedon related, but hey thinking about Eliza is always healthy.

The OC has always shared several ME connections. We got Rachel Bilson who played a potential Slayer in Xander's erotic dream in the "Dirty Girls" teaser. Melinda Clarke was Inara's "big sister" Nandi in "Heart of Gold". Besides the new season will definetely feature the return of Navi Rawat's Theresa, who played Dana, the pschyco slayer in Angel's "Damage".
Mmm. I'm really really looking forward to this show.

The premise sounds way interesting.

Ooh, and hey. One of the characters (Aaron, played by Dave Annable) was the guy from the origami starburst commercial. That's so a bonus next to Alexa. :-D

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Along with KC, this is the show that I'm most looking forward to. I think it has a great premise, and if done right could really make for an interesting series. Plus, it's hard to be wrong with Alexa....
I'm so checking out this show. I loved Electro-Gwen. I wanted her to have a spin-off. It would be like Alias but with demons. The theme would be about how her superpowers make her a misfit, and how she can fit into the world. Does she choose a life of crime or use her powers to help others? And a bonus to her story is her on-going sexual tension. Since she can't be physically intimate with anyone (her LISA gadget stops working), there's a lot of potential for UST. And the running story arc throughout the series could be Gwen trying to find out how she got these superpowers so she can learn to manage them (or get rid of them so she could live a normal life). Maybe her mother was involved in some kind of experimental procedure when she was pregnant with Gwen.

Sorry to get off-topic, but I really wanted that spin-off.

I'll try watching Reunion tonight. If anyone misses it, it airs again tomorrow night at the same time.
I had much more hope for this show before I discovered it's from the creator of Tru Calling. Yikes. Still, I'll already be over at Fox for The OC, so I'm going to check it out and hope for the best.
Hope you guys like the show, but, man, did it get savaged by Tom Shales in today's Washington Post.
…her LISA gadget stops working…

No way, esg! "LISA takes a licking and keeps on ticking…"

OK, I'm done. ;)
I've seen the pilot, and felt it was quite enjoyable. Yeah, that Amanda Righetti, can't act. But the series does have a interesting concept.

This show does face the same problem faced by Tru Calling, about how limiting the concept really is. They'll show a year per episode, from 1986, until 2005, but what happens when we finally reach 2005, and find out who's the "killer" and who's dead.

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So, the episodes are one year in chronological order? I was looking forward to it being all over the place. But that would require a bit of creativity. This is a hyped Fox show after all.
I am going to watch. I really wish there was more Gwen. I loved her character from the flashback in her first episode (when she was a kid) it was so "Rogue sent to mutant camp and can't touch anyone", but still very heartbreaking when she goes to hold the teacher's hand and she says "No Gwen."
This is a really good show! I just watched it.
It was pretty good. Loved the music.
I loved this show.
I just watched Reunion. That was pretty good. It's going on my list. Every September when I start my TV list it's really long, and by the end of the year it's down to three or four shows. I think Reunion may be a keeper.

There were some familiar faces in this episode. Amanda Righetti, who played Hailey on The O.C., plays Jenna. Vyto Ruginis, who was Russell Winters in the first episode of Angel, played Will's lawyer, and Tom Irwin played Carla's dad and also the grieving father in an episode of Miracles.

Oh, and the music was a blast from my past! I loved the choices they made. And oh, my god, that Ah Ha music video! That video was the best thing ever in 1986! Hee!

If anyone missed the pilot episode, it will repeat tomorrow night at 9pm on Fox.
2006 actually, Numfar PTB. And the idea is to have a new cast/plot each season, which we then follow for 20 years of their life (that is, if it doesn't get cancelled and there aren't any more seasons after the first one). So you don't have to worry about the "what happens when we reach the present" issue.

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Didn't really enjoy it. I'm an '87 grad, and the '86 grads were a lot more mature than these kids. Heck, our '89 grads were more mature…

The music was good, though, and it was nice to see the A-Ha! video again.
I caught the last 15 minutes... was it better in the beginning? From what I saw, it was a great idea, but then bogged down with cheesy cliche character conflicts.

And the "aged" makeup on Chyler Leigh was ridiculous...

I'm putting this on my "maybe it will get better" list.

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