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September 08 2005

Hannigan will Present at Emmys. The awards are set to air Sunday, September 18 on CBS.

I know it won't happen, but if she got to present Hugh Laurie with the best actor Emmy, my month would be complete!

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But it's great she'll be presenting. I think she's the first from the Whedonverse to present an Emmy since SMG in 1999. While having her present an Emmy to Hugh Laurie would be great, maybe she'll give out the award for Best Script in a Drama, which David Fury is up for. Imagine if he wins.
maybe she'll give out the award for Best Script in a Drama, which David Fury is up for. Imagine if he wins.

Oh... what a moment!!

Congrats to Aly for this job!

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Kristen Bell will be singing, if any VM fans want to check that out. It doesn't make up for her not being nominated but it could be good for ratings.
First thing to pop into my head was Aly giving David Fury his over-due Emmy. As much as I'm hoping that David will take this one home, I'm not sure he'll win. I have full confidence, but you never know what those Academy people are thinking (no, not THAT academy). I'm already working on designs for my new shirt: "Still pissed David Fury's emmy got LOST in the mail." Here's to hoping that this shirt never needs to get made!
esg what do you mean KB is singing? have i missed something?
There's going to be something called "Emmy Idol", where some of the stars will be singing theme songs of the past. Kristin Bell will sing "Fame", while there wil be other duets, including William Shatner. This is the latest attempt to make the Emmys more popular, and it might work if Simon Cowell comments on each performance afterwards.

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