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September 08 2005

Browncoat Red Carpet Premiere Shindig. September 22nd at the Hard Rock, overlooking the red carpet. Party with fellow fans at Universal City Walk to celebrate the premiere of Serenity.

This is a private party with yummy snacks. Browncoats are taking over the mezzanine. Payment must be received before 12:00 noon on Monday Sept. 12th, 2005, so don't delay, yeah?

I can't wait! This is going to be fabulous.
I'm free on Saturday if you want to go get some decorish things. Chinese lanterns and such. Lemme know.
Oh! This sounds great! *calculates how to get to LA on the 22nd*
They need to be able to make their deposit by Sunday, and know it's terribly short notice, so anyone who has the ability to get the word out via the web, please lend a hand and carry this post and their link wherever you can!
Allyson, I will. I think Denise was thinking along the same lines. Thank you so much for posting this here.
Awesome, wish I could be there :) Have fun!
I will be there!!

Denise if any help is needed setting up let me know.

*goes off to buy ticket*
Is everyone going to try to go to this? Is this a fan-put-together thing or is it official? Because the premiere of the BDM is that night as well, isn't it?
TheZeppo, this is a fan put together thing but, we are working closely with Universal's event staff. The balconies on the mezzanine of the Hard Rock overlook the red carpet that out Big Damn Heroes will be walking on. We will be right there where all the action is.
Thanks, TamaraC. So even though this is a fan thing, it's the biggest fan thing that's happening with relation to "Serenity," right? Also, are we in the mezzanine because we're restricted from the rest of the shindig?

I'm going no matter what, by the way. This'll be fantastic.
I have a question.....if enough people do not sign up for this are refunds being given?..I just bought my ticket and that question just popped into my head.
What kind of distances are people traveling to attend?
I posted the link and info in the Booster's general forums.
THeZeppo, we get the mezzanine because it will be exclusive for just VIP Browncoats. There will be people from the East Coast, Chicago, Seattle, and Australia among others.

SillyD, we are extremely confident that we will get enough people but, if for some strange reason we don't, I will personally insure that you get your money back.
Awesome. If you need any help from an outsider, I'm in the Los Angeles area. Feel free to email: See you all there!
Tamara... I want this party to happen..I just emailed about 15 LA area people because I hope they can make it.
If you guys need any help setting up or anything let me know..I am in Orange County but I am willing to help out.

Thanks, Danielle. I am sure we will be posting any requests for help on the SoCal yahoo board. You are a member, right?
Of course of course Tamara!

I emailed Denise and offered help also!! She has my number.
I think I am going to take off work early that day.
Thanks for the offer D! I think I'm going to put the cape away and stop pretending I'm Wonder Woman!
I totally live right across the 101 from there. Alas, planning on seeing the movie twelve times in three days has really put a squeeze on my cash fund, but I'm with you all in spirit. If there's something I can do to help, let me know, and have a great time!!!
Ok call me insane, yeah I know I'm stating the obvious, but I found an airfare under $200 so I am flying out for the day to goto this so I hope it is a go. If not I'm flying out to get in line to watch them on the red carpet premiere at least.

Anyone know the best way to get there from LAX?

[ edited by RavenU on 2005-09-09 01:29 ]
Burbank is the closest airport for those who are flying in.
Relatives notified that there couch is mine, tickets bought...HERE I COME!
RavenU, contact supershuttle. You can probably google for the URL or phone number.
Thanks TamaraC - I think I will do that.

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