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September 08 2005

FIrst Look of painted cover for "Serenity" TPB out in January 25th, 2006. Check the Adam Hughes finished cover for the collected edition of Serenity. Don't forget to visit his website for a chance to win some of his artwork if you see Serenity on its opening weekend.


I am really enjoying the renditions of our beloved crew that these different artists have been providing. :)
Not trying to be nitpicky but its actually not painted or doesn't look to be anyway.

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*gasp* here goes another paycheck.
Where's Mal's waist? And his pants are jacked up like Urkel.

Inara looks frickin' incredible, though!
I like the fireflies.
How come Mal looks like that guy from Airplane?
Ok, Hughes is one of my favorite artists, and Inara looks amazing (love her pose and the lighting and all), but, not his best work.
So Malcolm Reynolds is now being played by Hart Boechner?
How come Mal never looks like Mal? This is still pretty shiny, though.
So gorgeous... as much as I like the Serenity comic book covers, I would have preferred something more like this... more personality, a backdrop, even, perhaps, Serenity herself. Looking forward to getting this.
Is it me or Mal looks like Bill Pullman?
No, no! You both are wrong! He looks like that guy with the flared nostrils that is on so many sci-fi and law shows... gaaah. His name escapes me but when I find him, you'll agree...that guy...that guy that always looks like he smells something bad...

Ok. Now it's a quest. I know you all know who I mean. I can picture him in my mind's eye! He sticks his skinny lips out when he talks...auggh! This sounds like a bad party discussion!

I'll find him. "And when I do, you will all bow before me..."

Anybody knows what Willowy is on about? Is she making up people now?;-)
Heh, know what you mean, dear. But when I find that damn guy you are gonna go "Shyeeah! Looks exactly like him!"

The guy with the nose...big nostrils...skinny lips... 'b' actor... Oh yes, you guys, I WILL find him!
Willowy, you don't mean Lance Henriksen, or Billy Drago, do you?
Found him!

For those still following the thread, it's Johnathan LaPaglia from Seven Days!!!

**Whew!** Thank GODDESS!

Funny because I was thinking his nose looked like Anthony LaPaglia, the way it points down like that. I didn't know this Johnathan guy was his brother.

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