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September 08 2005

Filmforce discusses the new Serenity poster. Very similar to last week's "Now Playing" feature, but with an analysis of the fabulous new one-sheet. And an Angel reference.

And more delicious Whedon mispellings.

The polarness continues. You can see the artwork being reused at my site now.
Not just mispellings, mistakes, too. It only ran 10 episodes.

And the new poster, astoundingly, is even worse than the old one. It is totally wrong, wrong, wrong.

And the guy is right about Mal being made to look like Angel.

Universal: The Jossverse folk will show for this movie. Do not turn away all the others we need to pack the theaters.
'Fabulous new one-sheet?' I'll laugh if that's referring to the international poster.
Still think it is a great poster!
Am I the only one who thinks our Mal looks a little less Angel and a little more Neo in that pose?
i just figured out what's so bothersome about the poster to me.

that doesn't look like Summer Glau.
it looks exactly like Navi Rawat.
Dana, the psycho-slayer from "Damage."
The hair, the eyes.

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