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September 08 2005

(SPOILER) Official "Serenity" comic issue #3 discussion thread. Here's the place for spoiler-packed discussion of the conclusion to Dark Horse's three-issue miniseries, hitting stands today. (Link goes to the cover you all know you want.)

I just adored how quickly and calmly Mal dealth with the former Fed.

Poor Mal. Nuff said.
That damned Joss. Teases us with the presence of the Blue Gloves... and then tells us nothing about them. Heh.
Well, there was the clothing thing.
I posted some of this on Serenity TP thread earlier today, but it disappeared almost simultaneously with pushing Post button. This is updated from that anyway:

In Toronto, if you can get your hands on a River cover, get it now. Don't wait until after supper. It'll be gone. (Bet some of these copies show up on eBay, dammit.)

The River cover is sold out in three stores; a fourth I phoned and breathlessly said I'd be right there to pick it up. Meantime, owner got wind it's big cover and pulled all the copies. He held one for me, but wouldn't let me buy another until he could check "what's happening with it." IOW, he was going to bump up the price.

At another store, the owner was able to get first printings of Issues 1 and 2. They are being priced at triple and quadruple cover price ($3.75 Cdn): Inara, 14.95, Kaylee and Zoe, 9.95. Others I can't remember. That's quite amazing for a first-time comic. Must be Browncoat operatives.
OK, this really sucks. The Dark Horse site says it is coming out tomorrow. What's this with it coming out today? If there aren't any left when I go to the store tomorrow I am NOT going to be happy.
I can't read anything in this thread because when I went to the comic shop they were all out of Serenity #3. I have put my name on a list for when more come in I can just pick it up. The comic store owner said the comic sold fast. What else is new?
I got the River cover, so yay me. I guess what struck me as odd about the whole thing was how little focus was put on the exit of Inara and Book.

I thought the first issue was a good setup issue, but the 2nd issue, and now this 3rd issue, felt rushed to me. Like they could barely fit everything into those 44 pages. I guess I would've have liked to have seen a fourth issue (which I understand would've screwed up the whole crewmember covers thing)or a double sized final issue, so Inara's exit could be given more than a page, and that Book's could get more than a few panels.
Pffff. Number 3 is out? I'm still searching for number 2! This stuff is selling out way too fast. Should've waited for the trade but who has the patience for that?
If my brain does actually explode can I sue both Joss and Dark Horse?
The long weekend affected delivery, I'm told. And being in Toronto worked in my favour as they are printed in Canada, I was informed. So we got them on Wednesday while some places have to wait until Friday.
I was lucky. I asked that the River cover be held for me and it was. My little comic book guy is too small to orders lots. He did still have 2 copies of the Jayne cover though, last I checked.
And Drifter, we have extra movie swag that we are dropping off at comic book stores, so if you want a mini poster, button or keyfob, check places like The Beguiling.
Yay, I managed to get 3 copies of River (I buy for a couple of my friends as well) though I did have to ask if they had any more out back as there were only 2 on the shelves (loads of Wash and only a few of Simon).

I thought it was good, however maybe it's because I've seen Serenity now and so there's less anticipation but I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous 2.
I have to agree with WindtheFrog. I don't thing 3 issues were enough to tell this story as best as Joss could. The set-up was good but the rest felt underdeveloped. If this were an episode of the show it would probably be about 40 minutes rather than an hour. I would still recommend it for Browncoats. Some things are said that are significant to know for the movie (although they'll probably reiterated in the movie). And there's a few things you'll see that Browncoats will get that probably won't come up at all in the movie.
Add me to the disappointed list. Issue 2 was a moderately good build-up, but issue 3 didn't deliver anything at all, no suspense, no humor, no surprises, zippo. (It was already pretty clear from the trailers and the gallery on the official site that Book wasn't on the ship any more.)

Sigh. Nothing to do but wait for the BDM.
I got me a Wash cover. I agree, it was rushed and well, we didn't get Mal and Inara's final goodbye!!

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