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September 08 2005

Worried about choosing between Serenity and MirrorMask? Don't. With both films coming out on the same day, fandom might have been torn between which genius to recognize first: Neil Gaiman or Joss Whedon. But in his blog today, Neil said it's fine to go see Serenity opening night, just to see MirrorMask later that weekend.

Michael Polis at Hensons tells me that some more cinemas have been added to the MirrorMask launch, and we'll put them up here. He also asked me to stress that, if you want to help MirrorMask to go wider, then try and see it in the first week. I don't think it'll make an enormous difference to us whether or not you're there on the first night, because with something small like this the Friday Night Grosses aren't going to matter, so you can go and see Serenity with a clear conscience.

This decision was weighing on my mind, and it's nice that he mentioned it.

Why, thank you, Neil! I was planning to see MirrorMask opening weekend, anyway, but Serenity has my Friday and Saturday commitment.
I wonder if Neil Gaiman is mentioning this because he's gotten a lot of messages from fans about Serenity, or if he's friends with Joss Whedon or maybe both.

However, it's not really a decision that most fans have to makes since currently MirrorMask is only openning in 15 theatres in the US.
Plus, heh, no contest here. Joss gets my money. Both first and second week. *shrug*
It's nice to know Neil's a nice guy as well as a hell of a writer. I wonder if he knows Joss, or even if he's a Browncoat.
Heh, that's funny. And nice. Well, Neil is known to be one of the nicest guys in the biz. I don't know if he's met Joss, but I do know he liked Buffy. Called it one of the smartest shows on TV of the last ten years or something. Don't remember the exact words.
Neil is a great guy who I've met probably a dozen times and had the pleasure of talking to for a reasonable amount of time. If you don't know of him, seriously check out his stuff, its the goods.
Don't remember the exact words.

Well, I just did a quick search on Neil Gaiman's website and found this reference in his blog:

...I enjoy some Twentieth Century Fox movies, think that some of the smartest American TV shows of the last couple of decade (including The Simpsons, Futurama and Buffy) have come out of Fox TV...

So I wouldn't be surprised if he's also a fan of Firefly.

Also Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon both been guests at various comic book conventions at the same time, so it is quite possible that they could have met at one of them.
Dare I ask, What is MirrorMask about?
Gaiman is fantastic and the trailer for Mirrormask was really quite, it's a Henson collaboration and I'm a die-hard Farscape fan and Henson supporter by association ;) Very gracious and *aware* of him to make those comments! No question that I would have gone to see Serenity first anyway, but of him.
Wheels, IMDB has a plot summary with plot summary-like spoilers.

It looks gorgeous. I had hoped that it would get a wider release, though.
MirrorMask also had a premiere at EIFF and I believe at one stage it and Serenity were neck and neck in the audience awards till Tsoti overtook them both. So whatever the nature of their previous encounters they've had very recent cause to take note of each other.
Can I just say, yeah, Gaiman is cooler than words, that I hope Mirrormask is a good movie (and yay, it's playing in my city!) and he and Joss are both in my pantheon of fiction gods. It's a varied pantheon, and Joss has the Zeus-like position over them all (only, you know, without the rapine and tendency to hurl lightning bolts) but wow, how cool is it to read this from Gaiman.

I wasn't really planning on seeing Mirrormask, just b/c I have heard nothing about it, plus first-time director, but since it's playing in San Fran, I'm going to seriously consider checking it out. Strangely enough, the week before all this is going down, Terry Pratchett is coming to town for a signing. It's like, geek-kingdom, here I come!
MirrorMask is spectacular, moving, funny and, as we can see, the work of gentlemen.
It actually was weighing on my mine, because I need to be loyal to both, but when push comes to shove, Serenity will always come first.
Um, not really worried...will be dragooning all and sundry persons to the theater the opening weekend of Serenity...

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