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September 09 2005

Boston Herald 'Insider' Picks 'Serenity'. Program director of the Coolidge Corner Theatre makes "Serenity" #1 on the list of what he wants to see.

Written and directed by Joss Whedon (``Buffy the Vampire Slayer,'' ``Angel''), this sci-fi thriller is an adaptation of the flopped TV series ``Firefly.'' McClung is an unabashed Whedon devotee - he even coordinated a ``Buffy Sing-A-Long'' at one of the Coolidge's midnight movie screenings.
`` `Buffy' was a failed movie that became a TV show, and `Serenity' is a failed TV show that is being turned into a movie,'' McClung said. ``I didn't even watch it until it was on DVD, and it was one of the most well-made character shows I've ever seen.''

He's a "self-proclaimed aficionado" there any other type? I have seen better writing, but good publicity is good publicity.
bobster, you can be an anonymous aficionado...keeping your devotion under a bushel basket...for any variety of reasons.

But you are right, good publicity is good publicity, and I'm looking for lots more in the coming weeks.
Odd... It somehow feels like this article was cut short. I think because of the numbering, I was expecting to see a "top 10" list, or at least top 5. Just having two seemed strange.
The Coolidge Corner theatre is a fabulous moviehouse, though good first-run programming, along with some terrific festivals, amateur porn contests, and fun midnight movie screenings. I was sad that I moved away from Boston before he had the OMWF sing-a-long nights.
And Bobster - I'm with you on the "self-proclaimed aficionado." Self-proclaimed expert, maybe, but you don't need any sort of authority to be an aficionado. Sadly, though, those sorts of phrases make it into the media all the time these days.

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