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September 09 2005

Mosquito Fanfilm Ready for Download. The 11 minute fanfilm which affectionately takes the piss out of Firefly, the cast, the characters and Joss is now available for your perusal (92 MB WMP version only at the moment).

I quite liked it, it made me laugh. The credits are a hoot (if you've seen the trailer you'll know what I mean) and it's a fun send up.

A Quicktime version is promised.

I just think it's cool that someone did a Firefly parody. As soon as someone starts making fun of you, you know you've made it.
Wow, that was hilarious.
I still like the cows.
Wow, there are some parts of this that are really clever. Phew, and I'm also glad that I was able to watch it before my boss got here. :)
That was so great! I can only hope that they follow this up somehow. :)
"…and then they make you watch Alien Resurrection."

Too funny. :)
"Shut up. And flip those switches!" Hilarious. This is really well-written and well thought out. Kudos to the Mosquito crew.

And that Trisha Coleman chick looks a little too much like Jewel. Weirded me out a little.

I had a big smile on my face (making my office colleague look at me in a strange way), even during the *really gross* moments (the rape of the doctor).

I was a bit surprise about the only direct mention of Joss (the line about the lawyers - with slang language!).

And, yes, the "They'll make you watch Alien Resurrection" is also an excellent punchline (although I do happen to enjoy Alien Resurrection...). There are a bunch of good punchlines in fact: "Don't show the box, you're ruining the pilot... what, they won't air the pilot??", "why are they french", etc...
I was watching Alien Resurrection last night.
Anyone else that really would like to know Joss' opinion about this? I sure do :)
That is most excellent :) I'm gonna make sure all my friends watch.
This guys are so talented! Would also love to know what Joss and the actors thought about this.
I thought it was quite funny, not entirely comfortable about rape jokes though. :(
Susan ! LOL!

Yeahhh, um...we would all seriously balk if they'd made that same joke with a woman as the rape victim. Why is it funny when it's a guy? I'll admit, I chuckled a little (had more to do with the comical way the actor who played the doctor was showing us manic and panicked though), but couldn't laugh at it any more once they showed him discovered by the rest of the crew all clothes-torn and crying. That's really not cool. I can't get too worked up about it 'cause it's a parody and most of the rest was hilarious or at least chuckle-worthy, but...yeah, they maybe should've rethought that part. Done in poor taste. And if it was specifically done to parody Simon, I don't get it, 'cause like both Kaylee and Mal told him on two separate occasions, he "ain't weak".

There were a lotta cute people in that vid.
Before they went to far in his introduction, I thought the actor playing Wash (sorry, I mean Dry) was doing Simon (ie, the calm, blase reaction to crisis situations sometimes).

I thought it was quite funny, not entirely comfortable about rape jokes though. :(

Yep, the same for me (see my preceding message). All the more that I don't really understand them; I understand that "Ionna/Inara" is vulgar, since this is a pun about the "whoring" of Inara (and that whore are usually depicted as vulgar). But I don't understand why "Samuel/Simon" is raped; well, it could be a reference to the fact that Simon can somewhat be mistaken for gay (since he is well dressed, well educated, etc...), but even though, why linking this with rapes??
I loved it. Joss should see it - especially as he gets a quote all of his own.

Some of the actors actually manage to look like the originals too.
But you gotta admit that the rape joke was paid off in full with the scene after the credits... :)
I was wishing they had used "Sue" instead of "Susan" for Jayne's parody. It reminded me of that old Johnny Cash song, "A Boy Named Sue". THAT would have been funny!!!
Yeah I didn't think anyone would really feel like debating the rape thing and why it's acceptable in most circles to laugh at it when it's a male victim depicted in entertainment, but the same will never be true of women.

Parody funny, so no need for intelligent debate of course.
I agree Kris, that's exactly why I didn't like it. I agree it's supposed to be a parody, but even so, there are certain topics that should be avoided because they are completely insensitive. If it was a female rape victim everyone would be shocked, but for some reason because it is a male one it is acceptable to make fun of. I do think it was in totally poor taste.

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