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September 09 2005

(SPOILER) Watch a BIG Damn Trailer for "Serenity". A fan combined all the released trailers and official videos into a "big-honking seven minute compilation". It's fun watching, but it's also VERY spoilery. And since I'm posting spoilery stuff Inkworks has released the checklist for the card set that will be released in September 21st. The story cards titles contains tons of spoilers.

You can find the complete info about in the link, and you'll need divx codec to play the video.

Here are the direct download links for this BIG Damn Trailer according to the website:
Small (360x240, 76 megs).
Medium (540x360, 93 megs).
Large (720x480, 113 megs).

Did anyone else have trouble playing it?

Edit: Ignore that. Problem solved.

Another edit: Nice.

[ edited by Dym on 2005-09-09 18:25 ]
I could only get audio even though I tried to download the Divx or whatever it was. I also did not see any place where you could download a Mac version.

I did get my Firefly DVD set yesterday. Happy days are here again!
I click on link and Window's Media Player comes up, says "connecting" but never connects???
Thats cause the file is so big and theres probably alot of people downloading it. Mine finally finished downloading and played. Loved the last big with the scottish? music.
I recommend you guys to "save as" the file to your computer, instead of viewing it directly through a media player.

If you're getting the sound, but not the video, it's because you need to get the divx codec.
BTW, which version did we all download? I found I couldn't play the "Large" one, but the medium one works ok.
I can't believe I'm wishing I was still at work right now. I'm on a dialup - a 10 meg file takes over half an hour to dl. The smallest of those is totally inaccessible to me until Monday!

I love the Last of the Mohicans music at the end. This was truly great.
Hi guys, this is my trailer that's being discussed here. If any of you are still having troubles playing it, feel free to email me, my contact info is on the contact page. Don't be surprised if the site is a bit slow, though, I'm currently getting over 1,000 downloads per day of this puppy.
Two quick notes, first, the direct links that the original poster posted no longer work, because I had to move the files to filecloud , the demand being so high. Also, many people asked if I could create a shorter version of the trailer that's just the last three minutes, which is the part that's all instrumental. Links to that new trailer (the "instrumental version") are available on the site, follow the link in the first post.

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