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September 09 2005

International Serenity wallpaper from UIP International, via a closed area on

Gossi, we're in the webmaster programme, so we'll be happy to link to these items ourselves in future.
Is that Serenity going up in a big ball of fire behind Jayne?
Sorry Caroline - didn't know.
Was Zoe featured on this before, or is she a new addition now that it's horizontal instead of vertical? I wonder if it stretches out further to contain more characters.

I think the shape of it improves the image. Probably due somewhat to River's stretched out pose. And also 'cause Jayne's in the center, heh. It's still too much the color of white chocolate to really evoke anything close to the feel of Serenity, but I think it's cool anyway, even if it does remind me of covers to dime store sci-fi novels.
Thanks Gossi, I knew this would be better at higher resolution. Our big dam heroes actually look like them selves in this version. Awesome stuff!
Is that Serenity going up in a big ball of fire behind Jayne?

This is the first time I've seen the poster large enough even to know that mass is a ball of fire. Earlier I thought it was some surreal landscape element with scorched and scrawny pine trees growing out of it.

Whatever, hiding this ball of fire behind Jayne just doesn't work. And what ship IS it?
Here is a different wallpaper based on the same poster.

Interestingly enough, it seems they have mirrored the explosion on the wallpaper, which is originally the subject of this thread.
Intriuging. Love the poster...put up the wallpaper as my new one, of course.

Does the font strike anyone else as being too 70's/80's though?
Though I love River and her part, I think it's trying too hard to be "Buffy"-like. Guess that's the intention, but I don't care for it.
The hair, the posture, the whole thing is wrong, wrong, wrong.

It's not River, it's not Serenity, it's not Firefly, it's just painful.
I agree. River should look more dishevelled. I think River should look more innocent and be holding a gun as if it was "just an object" it would give a much creepier message. Also, seeing River like this and then "the creator of Buffy" is just wrong. Ignorant people will see it and say "Oh, that's by the guy who thinks a woman can save the world. How stupid."
The poster is cool in a fanish sort of way, but I don't get what they're trying to convey. As much as I've soured on the new star wars movies, their posters always captured a sense of the movie. This is like a mad max poster.

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