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September 09 2005

Entertainment Weekly article on "Serenity" This week's edition of "Entertainment Weekly" #840, September 16, with the cast of "Nip/Tuck" on the cover: this article is not yet posted on EW's web site, at this link, but it should be there soon, I'd think.

There is a one page article, including some pictures of Summer Glau, Nathan Fillion, Sean Maher, Alan Tudyk, Gina Torres, Adam Baldwin and Joss, with mention of the screenings that have been happening so far, and the marketing drive involved. The head of Picturehouse thinks Universal may have a hit on their hands. And the funniest thing is a quote from Tim Minear at the end of the article: "I just hope he didn't f--- it up," (Minear) deadpans. "I want to direct the next movie."

I'm feeling *big* love for Entertainment Weekly. They have featured writeups of Serenity (and Joss) what, like three times recently? EW has always been a big supporter of Buffy/Angel/Firefly, so it's not surprising. But it's wonderful.

Who is the head of "Picturehouse" and what is the significance of his/her opinion?

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Funny, I tried to post a link to this a little whlie ago. But when I couldn't find an EW link for it, I just posted the news, and some excerpts from the article, at flickr.
I feel the same way you do, Phleb, about the EW love. They've always been big fans of Joss's work, and I'm glad to see they're doing their part to raise Serenity's profile. The head of Picturehouse is Bob Berney, who used to head up Newmarket Films, which was responsible for the huge success of The Passion of the Christ while that film has absolutely nothing in common with Serenity, i think the reporter spoke to him since he's also known for unconventional - and successful - word-of-mouth marketing.

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