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September 10 2005

Factory X to release the Urn of Osiris prop replica. Factory X reveals the newest addition to their lineup of Buffy prop replicas... the Urn of Osiris, used by Willow to raise Buffy from the dead in "Bargaining". The Urn has a SRP of $59.99.

Surprisingly, this is one of the most inexpensive replicas yet - the necklace beats it, though... I wonder if it comes with a Backstreet Boys lunchbox?

It looks like the cheap kind of pottery you can get at any old Pier 1 outlet. Or at a flea market. It doesn't seem worth $60 to me.
Now it really will be possible to buy one on Ebay...
Not bad pricing, as compared to other Buffy props.

Though I really want an Orb of Thesula...
Still want the Orb of Thesula and the VAMPYR book/box.
I want the Window of Orlon so I can use it as a night light.

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