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September 09 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity Review at Coming Soon. "Great humor, good special effects, and entertaining performances by the cast make Serenity a great dose of sci-fi now that Star Wars has come and gone."

He should have known better than to go to a screening with a theater full of Browncoats. Of course they're aiming to misbehave.

Good review, but I wonder where he saw it. In London there were a couple of people who (slightly) dressed in character but nothing that would raise any eyebrows walking down the street, and no blue gloves for sure! And everyone was friendly but cool, no shouting or whatever, maybe even (as I have said before) a little too cool, not even giving Summer and Joss a standing ovation.

I think that the Reavers in themselves were not that extreme when they were finaly revealed but by that time the stakes had been raised so you were genuinly, 100%, fearful about what would happen.
I kinda felt that how the Reavers came into existance was more interesting than how it was presented in the series. Certainly there was a great mystery surrounding them, as "Men Gone Savage at the Edge of Space" had a certain sort of folklore feel to it that was captivating in and of itself. However, I wonder what season this would've been revealed in had the series continued...

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Ringworm, you might want to put some of your comments in inviso-text, since they're pretty spoilery.

Nice review, although not particulary well-written or insightful. Still, every little bit counts...

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I always find it odd that we inviso-block our spoilers even in a spoiler thread. :)
SOME SPOILERS! (How do I spoiler tag? I'll edit!)

Eh, I felt the "story of the Reavers" was fairly predictable. Anybody worth their salt watching sci-fi movies will probably see it coming a mile away.

[ edited by The Dark Shape on 2005-09-09 23:36 ]
It's better to be safe than sorry (still sorry Caroline!). Sometimes, people can accidently click on a post unknownly and accidently read a spoiler. And since Reavers play such an important role in the BDM, we should probably keep things unwraps.
The Dark Shape...that's sort of Joss' M.O. Very little of what he does is "original", at least in concept. What he does it puts little twists on old ideas, and executes those ideas better than most. A lot of people have trouble appreciating that, especially in science fiction communities, as they tend to care more about the ideas themselves than how well they were presented.
I can't even tell you how sick I am of "Han Solo" and Star Wars comparisons - Stars Wars (all of them) always felt like a Saturday morning cartoon to me - Serenity is a story about people - people who just happen to live in space - people not me...

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The Reavers make good bogeymen. And like all good bogeymen, they are always better left to the imagination. I didn't mind how the movie dealt with this, but at the same time I understand why some would feel let down. I think any explanation weakens them.
We should also keep it under wraps that , because that's such a wonderful and shocking surprise. It was something that someone in the Flickr forum partially spoiled me for. I'm so glad I didn't know it was going to be so important to the plot of the movie.

This reviewer doesn't know where the blue gloves come from? Did he skip over the Ariel episode when he watched the DVDs?

Another woman in the back repeatedly yelled out, "Are you aimin' to misbehave, Browncoats?!?!"

Haha! Was that you, Rogue Slayer? Come on, admit it. ;) I can see how that might be annoying. I'd just laugh at it though. Unless people were shouting that during the movie, it wouldn't bother me too much.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-09-09 23:54 ]
I think, in general, that the kind of person who doesn't know that Reavers play an important part in the movie are the kind of person that wouldn't even dream of clicking on a thread marked "SPOILER". :D
...and decided to skip the trailers.
People were singing songs they had written about Whedon, Firefly, and Universal VERY LOUDLY and very badly. Another woman in the back repeatedly yelled out, "Are you aimin' to misbehave, Browncoats?!?!"

Oh god, it's become the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the 21st Century.

I think it's fairly safe to mention that the Reavers are in the film, but please for the love of all thats good and holy don't mention the really big spoilers unless "Really Big Spoilers Will Be Discussed Here" is mentioned on the subject line.
I agree with you, ringworm I think anyone who's seen the trailers and stays even mildly up on Serenity news knows that the Reavers play a big role in the movie. The only reason I suggested invisotext is that I think a fair number of people will read reviews, etc., that might have minor spoilers, or will read the comments on threads like this one, but might not want to know in such detail just how the reavers origins are explained. And, as someone else said above, always better to err on the safe side.

I second the appreciation for the elegance of that storyline... I never really cared for the reavers much in the series, other than the fact that they made pretty a pretty scary threat, and wasn't thrilled when i heard they played a big role in the movie. But I felt like Joss turned it into a fascinating and well-executed plotline.
SPOILERS be damned!!! The Reavers are really Evil Bunnies!!!! ;)
I'm not gonna read it because of the spoiler tag but I would say that a 8 out of 10 is pretty good ultimately. Reviews (or atleast ratings) like these makes me feel so good inside, if things keep up like this then Serenity will make some serious waves.
acp, what you said in your last comment is incredibly spoiery. In no way does any trailer tell us that in the movie. That's exactly what I was spoiled about, and sort of wish I wasn't. The fact that I didn't know it would be a big plot element in the movie was what allowed me to be happily surprised.

Some people do read comments in spoiler threads not expecting huge spoilers. In my opinion, this is a huge spoiler. I'm so glad I saw the movie early. I'm sure I would have been even more spoiled than I already was.
I think if a thread says "spoilers" and you want to stay unspoiled, just stay out of the dang thread! Some people enjoy talking about spoilery topics, and should have every right to do so as long as they take the precaution of putting the word, again, "spoilers" up.

I don't think 'phobes have any reason to complain if they click on, and continue to read through, any topic that says SPOILER. Other posters aren't in any position to control what others click on.
Yes, someone should have every right to talk about spoilers. I just always go the extra mile by avoiding things that are big spoilers because I don't want to accidentally spoil someone even if that's not my burden. Sorry to impose that view on anyone else, I didn't mean to. As someone who hates to be spoiled, I know how it feels to be accidentally spoiled and it's not something you can take back. That's just where I'm coming from.
Some people do read comments in spoiler threads not expecting huge spoilers. In my opinion, this is a huge spoiler. I'm so glad I saw the movie early. I'm sure I would have been even more spoiled than I already was.

To me that was the best thing about seeing the movie early, seeing it completely spoiler-free. When I saw Serenity at one of the preview screenings, I had avoided the trailer and knew absolutely nothing about the plot of the movie. Which is something that I don't think I would have been able to keep up if I waited until opening night. Now I get everything coming out about Serenity from reading all the reviews with no fear so spoilers, to watching all the trailers and content about the movie and more. :)
"At this screening men were putting on rubber gloves in anticipation of the film (and even I'm not sure what that's a reference to)."

You gotta be kidding me. He did watch the show right?

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