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September 09 2005

Keith RA DeCandido announces new Buffy novel. The focus is on the character of Nikki Wood, the Slayer who worked in NYC in 1977.

"We first saw her in "Fool for Love," where Spike killed her on a moving subway in 1977, and we found out more about her in the seventh season when we met her now-grown-up son Robin, and saw her again in flashback in "Lies My Parents Told Me."

Or, you can read it at Krad's LJ - no registration required there.
Thanks, I'll change the link. I think I changed the link after you Simon. Feel free to delete this post.

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There was a Nikki Wood story in Tales of The Slayers comic book, I'd be interested to know if this'll be taken into account for Krad's novel.

Hang on, I've just changed the link. This'll be fun ;).

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So, if I remember correctly, she'll be wearing Spike's jacket? This sounds like a fun book.
Krad, you're on a roll. Good for you!!
Congratulations! Ok, so who was in Sunnydale in 1977 & will rate a mention?
* The Master
* Darla?
* The Mayor
* Parents of Willow, Oz, Cordy &/or Xander? I wonder if they had any Scooby-type action as crazy kids?
Hmmm, 1977 ... Ripper?
Congratulations! Ok, so who was in Sunnydale in 1977 & will rate a mention?

Doesn't really matter, since the book's taking place in New York City. *grin*
But krad you say ‘Plus there'll be a Sunnydale frame featuring some familiar faces. *grin*'

Surely that's an invitation to speculate! Treating it as such - I'd add to gingerific's list:

*The principals Flutie and Snyder
*Dr Gregory – the virginal/gay science teacher who encourages Buffy in Teachers Pet
*Mr Platt – the Counsellor for Beauty and the Beasts - as a boy
*The members of Xander’s extended family who appear in Hells Bells
*Anya on a vengeance spree
*Ted – wooing another wife somewhere in the background
I did say that there'll be a Sunnydale frame. I didn't say it was a 1977 Sunnydale frame. *grin*
Stop grinning. It's scaring me.
This sounds extremely cool. After the various appearances or mentions of Nikki Wood in season 5, throughout season 7, her appearance in the Tales of the Slayer comic book and one of the novels, I am very interested in this character and I think it would be a wonderful addition to the slayer mythology.

My guess is that it could be set in the seventh season with Buffy and Wood finding out exactly what happened to his mother from Spike, or something like that.
Great idea for a book. I'm looking forward to this one!
I'm not usually into the Buffy novels but this one I want!

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