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September 09 2005

Sideshow Darla Preview - Sideshow's latest figure is Darla from her BtVS days.

Although I think the sculpt is good I think she looks like she's about 12 years old and the mouth looks too shiny and pouty. I was never a fan of the Darla character when she first appeared on BtVS but grew to love the character tremendously when she was on AtS.

Me too, FF. Shouldn't her outfit be navy blue?
She wore a red outfit in the episode where she sets up Angel to look like he attacked Joyce. This is the one where she gets killed off.
Yeah, that episode was 'Angel'. Actually, they also produced a 6" figure of Darla in this same red outfit that I'd wished I brought when I saw it. It was a limited variant and I haven't been able to find one since.

Must say, I'm not too interested in this one.
According to the guy who sculpted her the head and body size will be better than the prototype is showing so her head isn't going to look as big and I think that will make a huge difference in her looking like she's 12.
In my opinion, it seems the past few figures released in the past three months have been 'off' in their proportions. Is it me or are they getting sloppy in their manufacturing?
Madhatter, the vampire schoolgirl Darla is available through the diamond selet toys website. I got my figure earlier this week.
Aha, thank you, thekey1313.
Madhatter, I think the last bunch of Sideshow figures have looked great. I feel their heads look more proportioned than the DS figures do - which to me look too small. I'm talking about the actual Sideshow figures that I have and not the photos of them (which, yes, some of the heads looked a little too big in some of the prototypes).
Dear god that's one awful figure! First they managed to muck up the 'subway Spike' doll by making it look like some kind of hideous footbal hooligan, and now to add insult to injury they throw out this little 'number'.

Sideshow a bit of unwanted advice here, study your photographic reference more and don't put out images of the prototype unless you are very sure of the results. Sorry, this is just terrible.
Well, Firefly Flanatic did bring up an excellent point here. Often, the advertising photos of these figures do not do them justice. Many are shot with a black drape background and horribly cropped in the photolab.
Sadly I wish that was true. I've bought my fair share of Sideshow stuff (including that dreaded 'creature' that they dare call Willow!) and more often then not the photo's look better then the item you get sent at the end of the day.

Th exception to that being the first Spike figure (which was created using a computer scan of Marsters head which helped tremendously) and the Buffy and Angel dolls. The monsters (the Marster etc) too are often okay as they seem to find the likeness easier to achieve then a human.

I somehow don't think I'll be getting this unless I can eventually get it cheap off eBay.

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I just don't know why they can't make good likenesses every time because we have seen some terrific figures, not just from Buffy and Angel, and there is such good technology available, why not spend plenty of money to make a good figure that people will want to buy?
Maybe it's still too expensive to use scan's everytime.

Thing is good likeness's are difficult to do. One of my friends is a portrait sculptor for Madame Tussauds, and they are always finding it difficult to find good sculptors who can produce a good likeness.

But there are people out there I'm sure.

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